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23 Aug 2014

Snaps | A Woodland Walk

Isn't it nice to escape the rest of humanity and take a walk in to the wilderness? Ok, not going to lie, these photos weren't exactly taken in the winderness. In fact these woods are right beside a little village and have designated walkways so I did bump in to a few more humans on my walk, haha. But for the majority of the time it was just me, my camera and utter silence. I don't think anything can put things in to perspective more than escaping everything, even just for half an hour. Just being with yourself, not checking your phone, and your own thoughts your only company.

The little underground stone hut you see is called the Ice House. I'm not really sure what it was used for, I could have looked in through that hole which is a window, but lets face it, I was far too chicken and scared of what I might see in there!

The small castle you see is actually a mausoleum which holds the bodies of 2 or 3 important people in the area who lived hundreds of years ago. I think they were land lords or something. I didn't want to get too close to it, because being there alone kind of freaked me out and you have to admit, it does look like a place that would be haunted, in the middle of the woods and all. The keys for it are actually available if you want to have a look inside, sounds like the stuff of nightmares to me though!

So my woodland walk was nice, peaceful and refreshing but it did have moments (that damn ice house and mausoleum) of me being a wimp and wanting to run rather than walk! haha.

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Monica M. said...

Looks so great and really inspiring but I would be scared to enter those kind of places as well :b

xx, M | Brunette In Black

Celine G said...

Oh, your country is so beautiful! I wish we had more forests like this here. We have concrete jungles here instead ): It's always been my dream to visit Ireland/Scotland! x


Rachael said...

Looks like a gorgeous place for some fresh air. I'm always intrigued by mausoleums, they always have some grand architecture to them!

Anna said...

what a lovely place to escape too...such beautiful photos Sinead :) I can understand why you didn't want to get too close to the buildings :) xx

Carly Kaste said...

Oh my butterfly, this looks magical. Tall skinny trees galore make for a gorgeous forest.

Sinead C said...

Lovely post Sinéad :D Yeaa that mausoleum would be very eerie to stumble across while wandering solo! Wonder are the bodies still in one piece haha

Sinéad // thetravelbibleblog.blogspot.ie

RazMaTaz said...

Stunning photos. The woodland looks beautiful. I agree, that does sound a little haunted! Xx


Grace Christine said...

So, so beautiful! I am studying abroad in London but I am coming to Galway in October for a friend's birthday - maybe we could meet for lunch or something!? Email me at gleneghan12@gmail.com if you want and we could plan something! I'd love to meet you Sinead <3 xx



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