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10 Aug 2014

Simple Sunday

Ahh it's 20 minutes to midnight on Sunday so I literally am leaving this post to the last minute, oops! I'll make it a quick round up of the little things and events that happened this week that made me happy.

Nearly every day this week I have been car hunting for my first car! I am so excited to be getting my own car. I use my dads one at the moment but it's going to be amazing to be able to go whenever I like and not have to ask for permission! It's been a bit stressful trying to find the perfect one and I still haven't decided yet. I'm off on a two hour drive to Sligo in the morning to look at one that sounds really good. I'll keep you posted ;)

My mum made apple tarts this week with apples from our own trees. Ya gotta love this time of year when the apples are out and the tarts just keep popping out of the oven. Yum Yum. (not so great from my waist line though eh? haha)

I had a lovely girls night out on Friday night. We went to an awesome bar that I hadn't been to before. There was a brilliant band playing and I met one of my favourite people so it was an all round great night! I want to relive it now! Does anyone else ever feel kind of sad after a really good time because you're sad it's over? haha.

Family Time this Sunday has been so lovely and I really feel so lucky to have the family I have. My sister and her 3 kids were here all day and we went to a little family fun day. There was a kids disco. Don't tell anyone but I had a great time with the little ones. I love being an auntie!

There we have it, the simple things that made my week! (at 23.51) ahh.
I would love to hear about what made your week this week in the comments!

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Anna said...

zero idea what made my week :/ but I just wanted to leave you a comment anyway :) you are doing a fantastic job with your blog Sinead...next post YOUR FIRST CAR!!!!!!! :D xxx


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