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4 Aug 2014

River Island Steals

Hello Friends!
Recently there was a BIG sale on in River Island with up to 75% off. This really excited me and I was like a child in a sweet shop. I ended up staying sensible and not going too OTT and buying the whole store, and man did I want to! I love River Island so much and it was the first day of the sale so there was a lot of decent stuff up for grabs. I ended up getting four things so I thought I would share what I got with you guys!

                 The first thing I got was this simple black and white top. It is white with black sides. I thought this was pretty cute and versatile - there is lots of things it could be worn with. I think this would be perfect for a dinner out and definitely ideal for a job interview or work. Very sophisticated, eh? The bf said I looked like a little penguin in it though which I don't know whether to take as a compliment of not. It does kind of remind me or a white shirt with a black waist coat though but I love it! This was reduced from €40 down to €18 - whata steal!

This next top, I was a bit meh when I saw it because it was really baggy but I liked the pattern and the kinda sporty style to it so I tried it on only to fall in love with it on me. I think this is the coolest top I own now. I really love it. It's got slits each side right up to the arms which is awesome in my opinion. You can only see any skin if you stretch and it looks good with a white top underneath. I love to wear it with black leggings. In love. This was €35 down to €15.

I don't know if you know this about me but I am a major shorts person. I've been wearing them every day this summer that is in anyway warm. I think these ones are probably an aquired taste and a lot of people wouldn't like them but I love them. I think they're very uniqie and kind of boho? I have worn these so much already. I'm not really sure what price these were but they were originally €25 down to around €12 ish. If there was other patterns I would have bought them all!

I also love these shorts I picked up. They are quite different to the previous ones with heavier material and a more squared, less flowy shape. I like to wear these ones on more formal / dressy uppy occasions and I think they look super cute. Definitely my style. I believe these were around €35 down to €17. Bargaaaain.

I hope you enjoyed this River Island haul. Let me know what you think of the things I got and how you might style them.

Sinead x

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Anonymous said...

I love this haul! Everything you got is so cute :)

Madeline | Ring-a-Round a Rosey | Bloglovin’

Kate said...

I love River Island! I really love that first black and white top - as you say you could do so much with it. Tuck it into a pencil skirt for work or wear it with leather trousers and a statement necklace for an evening out. So versatile! x

Kate Louise Blogs

Anna said...

everything is so very cute Sinead :) great picks if you ask me! I really like the first pair of shorts :) xxx


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