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12 Aug 2014

Random Ramblings | Boys & Dating

 Hey Everyone!

I thought I would get back in to my 'Random Ramblings' series which I've done once or twice a couple of months ago. I'm just going to use this to 'ramble' and share my thoughts, opinions and experiences on topics and issues that are relevant to all of us. I thought it would be a cool sort of girly chat series. I hope you like it!

So this month I thought I would talk about boys and the whole dating scene! I'm not going to talk about my current 'love life' because obviously it's personal, I would probably die if someone who knows me read it and also, it's very complicated...I wouldn't want to bore you haha!

I am definitely a relationship person, it suits my personality. I like to have one person in my life who I'm really close to and do everything with. For the last 8 months or so I have definitely been up for getting in to a new relationship and have been playing the dating game for a few months, but my God would anyone else agree that it is stressful, awkward and sometimes heartbreaking? "The heart was made to be broken" Thanks Oscar Wilde.

Over the past year I have noticed that in most cases you either really like the guy but he doesn't like you or a guy really likes you but you don't like him. Then when you find a guy you like who likes you back and you start seeing each other, you enter a weird pre-relationship stage where you have no idea where you stand with each other. Is he with other girls too? Does he see a future with you? Does he just want a friends with benefit type hook up? Why isn't he texting me anymore, has he lost interest? should I play hard to get? What are these mixed signals? Should I ask to hang out or wait for him to ask? So many questions that will literally make you want to pull your hair out and become a nun.

 I am useless at figuring out what's going on in boy's heads. I get attached so easily. When I like someone I literally think of them all the time. I stress out if they don't contact me. I cannot play it cool or hard to get, I make my feelings clear and probably come across as needy or desperate sometimes.

I also have really high standards and don't even consider most of the guys I meet so all in all I suck at the whole 'dating' thing haha. It shocks me how easily some people get in to new relationships! Sometimes it even makes me ask myself if there is something wrong with me, but that's usually a brief thought because I know there is nothing, I'm a pretty good catch haha.

I guess the best thing to do is get on with your life and not go searching for love after all the saying goes "love strikes when you least expect it"

What are you thoughts on dating? do you find it as stressful as I do or do you think it's fun? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments and at least agree with some of the things I said so we can have a little moan about boys together :)

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Dib-Dab-Debs said...

I'm so glad that I sort of missed the whole the whole dating thing; things were complicated enough in the "pre-relationship" stage with my husband back when we were fifteen. I know I'm incredibly lucky! When it comes to relationships I think you've got to just go with your heart and if you really like how things are going make sure you are on the same page early on. There is no point getting heavily invested in someone only for there to be inevitable heartbreak that maybe could have been avoided! :)
Debi x

Sinead said...

Congrats on your wedding and best of luck in the future! I think you are the perfect person to give advice :) I agree with what you said about being on the same page early on! xox

Anna said...


I'm sat here nodding away & agreeing with you like you wouldn't believe!

being a grown up, getting older sucks! I don't like it! shall we freeze time & stay where we are FOREVER?!

anyway...I REALLY enjoyed this post, I LOVE ramble ones :) I'm well aware that I haven't really actually answered the questions at the end, let's answer em...

my thoughts are what will be will be...you don't go out looking for love, well in my opinion you don't! some people do but it just isn't for me going searching...something will happen in the bizarrest of places & ways :) xxxx

Michaela Higgins said...

At least you're dating Sinead. I myself have excuses for everything. Where I live, my job, bla bla bla! These excuses drive me crazy at times. I'm in constant battle with myself. I'm that freak on the street who chats to herself, ya know! I feel as though love will find you when you least expect it. It may be friendship at first then you'll realise you'll want to take things further. This would be easier instead of dating, that way you actually know the guy (leaving out the awkwardness) Haahaa! I was watching a film the other night, and the guy said 'You only need 20 seconds of bravery and something good will come out of it'. I haven't tried it but maybe one day I will.

I really enjoyed this post Sinead. I have to agree with Anna as well, gotta love the ramble blogs :)

Kayla xxx

Meg Kernaghan said...

You literally just described my thoughts completely. Like the whole, he likes you and you don't like him or vice versa and the weird pre-relationship. I am just like too busy for it haha.

I've definitely come to the same conclusion, to just be patient, and I sort of think, it will happen when you least expect with who you least expect :)

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you sinead. My lack of relationships is a constant stressor for me, and trying to find someone who likes me as much as I like them is proving to be endlessly difficult. Sometimes I get so frustrated I want to just give up, and at the moment I think I need a break from searching because I need to stop getting hung up on people who only hurt me. Ugh. I loved this post because it is everything I am afraid to talk about.

Maddie <3


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