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18 Aug 2014

My Top 3 Summer Lipsticks

Hey Everyone,
I can't believe it's August already. That makes me so sad. It's like the Sunday of summer. Noooo... I don't want summer to end!
As this lovely season is coming to a close I thought I would share with you my 3 most worn lipsticks throughout the summer.

First up is this lovely Revlon Just Bitten Kissable balm stain in the shade 'lovesick'. Let me tell ya, these things are ah-mazing, they last for ages on the lips. Don't dry them out. They are all round perfect. They come in so many other colours that I need to get my hands on asap! this one is a lovely deep fuschia colour which is fantastic for bright summer days.

 Next up, and definitely my all time favourite and most worn of the three is Rimmels 210 'coral in gold' lipstick. Isn't it beautiful? God I just love it. Orange lipstick really suits my skin tone and eyes more than any other colour. What are some other good orange lipsticks you know of? This one is quiet subtle with gold shimmers. Beaut.

Lastly, a summer lipstick list would not be complete without a classic pink and this Rimmel Kate '28' one is gorgeous. This is pretty new but I have been wearing it consistently since I got it. I feel so girly when I wear this. I love Rimmel lipsticks in general, they're great quality, cheap and cheerful.

And there we have it! What do you think of these colours? Boy do I love lipsticks...I need to expand my collection so if there is any lipsticks you would recommend, especially for the upcoming Autumn be sure to let me know in the comments!

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Katie Hutchinson said...

I'm definitely going to have to invest in that balm stain, it's so lovely and would be perfect for autumn too!


Anonymous said...

I can never find these by me! I totally want the Rimmel Kate, it looks so pretty


Whitney Zeller said...

I love the look of Rimmel's 210 "Coral in Gold". It looks stunning on you!


Lisa Gibson said...

The revlon balm stain looks lovely! Think i'll have to try that!! :) x


Ellabella said...

Great pics! Especially love kate's lippys!


Anna said...

zero idea on what to recommend...I've only just started wearing lip balms with a tint of colour, let alone a lip stick :O haha...but they all look beautiful Sinead :) xxx


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