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15 Aug 2014

My tips for getting sh*t done!

Do you ever feel like you have so many stresses and worries in your life that you just don't have the motivation to be productive or work any of it out. Like everything is all over the place and you don't even know where to start to get things in order? I have been feeling like this a lot lately. For the first time in my life ( well, since I was 4) I won't be returning to school or university in September and that terrifies me. I like having something to focus on and dedicate myself to. Now I feel like I have no direction. The thought of even doing up my CV and doing an interview terrifies me, never mind the certain rejection, and when I do got a job, it will only be temporary and I don't know how far I will have to travel. Everything is so scary and uncertain. Sometimes I would just love to hide in my bed, put it all off and never have to face the real world. 

So lately I have been doing some small things to try and help myself feel more organised, and motivated to face the future. I thought I would share them with you here and hopefully they will help you too if you're feeling the same. Whether it is getting school work done, searching for a job like me or even just facing household chores.

Tidying your room
This can be great to make you feel like a fresh start. Having a nice tidy and organised room will motivate you to organise the rest of your life! I recently de-cluttered my whole desk area. It was a corner of my room that seemed to have collected so many pages and books that I really did not need any more. So I threw all the pages out and put the books in the attic along with boxes of phones that I had years ago! I organised everything I needed on to the shelves and made the surface nice and clear. I bought a little yankee candle and I want to get some more nice decorations for the space. Having cleared this I now feel like I have a nice little work place where I am happy and it motivates me to be more productive.

Using a journal 
Using a journal to write down everything you need to do that day or that week can be a great way to make things clear and it can make you realise that actually, it's not so bad, it is doable. It allows you to prioritise what you have to do and plan your time effectively. Also you can't beat that feeling of ticking off the things you have done!

Taking time out
For me, this has been going for nice longs walks through some local woods. It is so quiet and peaceful I automatically feel better. It helps me clear my head and realise that things aren't so bad. Other people might prefer playing a sport, going to the gym, or even doing yoga to be beneficial. Either way I definitely believe physical exercise is good for the mind and reduces stress.

Believing in yourself
This is probably the most difficult thing for me. I am absolutely terrified of doing job interviews. I really don't believe they will think I am good enough to handle a class in their schools as I come across as very quiet and timid. Sometimes I wish I could get a personality transplant as I don't think mine is great for the job I am in. However, I have really been trying to boost my confidence lately by just saying to myself every day that I am good enough and I can do it. I try to eliminate any negative thoughts of my capabilities as soon as they come in to my head. 

Talk to people
If you are overwhelmed by things you have to do it's always a good idea to share your feelings with someone who can empathise and make you feel better, they may even motivate and encourage you. Never be afraid to ask for help. Sometimes we thing we are the only ones who can't cope with certain situations but that's not true. I have asked my neighbour to help me out with the whole looking for and securing a job process as he has experience of interviewing teachers. It is always great to have support to lighten the load a little bit.

I hope these tips help you a little bit. I am definitely not an expert and I struggle to stay motivated every single day. 

Do let me know in the comments if there is anything else you like to do to help keep you motivated and focused in doing what you have to do. I would especially like to hear any tips for believing in yourself as this is definitely the biggest issue for me that I still need to overcome.

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Indi Stilling said...

I love all of these tips :)


Emily Allen said...

Loved this I feel you so much I'd finding it so hard to stay focused recently, planning out everything in advance is really useful for me as it gets me focused on what I want to do, cleaning your room can surprisingly do wonders though :)


Rachael said...

The Wunderlist app (both online and for phone) keeps me on top of pretty much everything from paying bills on time to work stuff and blog things. Just being able to see what needs doing for the week helps me mentally prepare what needs to be achieved for each day. What also helps for me a lot is having that time away from the computer and just escaping into the garden to mess around and tidy it up, it certainly refreshes both myself and my mind.

Anna said...

oooohh great tips Sinead! :) as soon as I saw this post title I knew I just HAD to read it, it did not disappoint me in the slightest! :)

believing in yourself takes a lot of time & effort but you can do it, I know you can :) I believe you can, you've got this!



Clara Collins said...

Great post :). The first tip about tidying your room is something that really helps me to get motivated to get things done!!xx



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