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7 Aug 2014

Future Blog Plans!

Hello Friends!

A back to base kind of blog post today. I've spent the last hour thinking about my blog and jotting down exactly what it is I want to do on here in the future. I've never used a note pad or wrote down any of my ideas before but I am so shocked how much putting pen to paper has helped me clarify everything! I think I've put a nice plan together for my blog with lots and lots of post ideas that will cover the next few months! It's making me very excited. I am feeling very motivated to putting some more time and effort in to this little haven of mine.
I thought, rather than just getting on with it I would write a blog post sharing my plans with you and letting you know whats in store! (fingers crossed I'll stay motivated and committed)

I have decided to do 4 monthly series. These will be -

Monthly Favourites

This is going to include a variation of the following: favourite beauty product, favourite fashion piece, song, movie/tv show, food/treat, blog, blog post, app, activity.
This is going to be a pretty big and long post each month, but I am very excited about it! I plan to put these up on the first week of each month.

My Month According to Instagram

This will be the traditional sharing of instagram pictures taken throughout the month and maybe a little explanation of   each picture. I think this will be a fun way to summarise the highlights of my month. This will go up on the last week of each month.

Monthly Tag

I love doing tags and I think most people enjoy reading them so I have decided to do at least one Tag post a month. This should be fun!

Random Ramblings

This is definitely the series I am most excited for. I've done some Random Ramblings in the past and I loved them so I am going to try do some more. In these posts I will pick a topic, it can be anything (I have a list of 10 already) from motivation to relationships to being confident. I will share my opinions and experiences on the chosen topic. I think this will be good for discussions with you guys! I'm going to try put these up in the middle of the month so around the week of the 15th of each month.
Along with these series I might continue my Simple Sunday series. But maybe I will do it every second sunday rather than every Sunday because I feel like the week goes so fast and I get bored of doing the same kind o post too often!

Along with all of these regular posts there will of course be some random sporadic ones thrown in too to try and keep it interesting. I have a list of them jotted down and they range from hauls to recipes, to photography posts and lists.

I feel like I have a nice clear work plan for my blog now and I really really hope I stick to it. I'm not going to be too hard on myself if I don't do every series every month. I'll only do them if I really want to otherwise they would probably turn out rubbish anyways!

Let me know what you think of my plans or if you have any further suggestions. 
Do you like to plan out your blog in a journal or do you prefer to just wing it and write what pops in to your head? I would love to know how you all work :)

Big Hugs,
Sinead x

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RazMaTaz said...

I am terrible when it comes to planning and it's definitely something I want to improve. Maybe that's what I'll do this evening...
To add onto your monthly tags, I have tagged you in the Blogger Love Tag so if you want to, I'll leave my link to my post here: http://razmataz-girl.blogspot.com/2014/08/blogger-love-tag.html

Tasmin Xx

Rachael said...

Planning, what's planning? I suck at that part when it comes to blogging. I use to have a blog journal but I lost it moving house so loads of notes and ideas are now MIA. Hopefully it turns up one day. I think tags are fun, great way of learning things about the blogger.

beautyqueenuk said...

You can never have too many notebooks full of ideas x

Anonymous said...

Sounds like an amazing idea, its great to stay organised!

Great post :)


Anna said...

awwww Sinead, I actually started smiling to myself at you planning in a book...is that really strange & sad on my behalf? :/ I apologise :)

Every now & then I create a nice list of what I want to be creating on my blog over the next couple of weeks or so, sometimes I struggle to keep up :/ xxxx


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