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29 Aug 2014

Currently I Am...

I did one of these 'Currently I Am...' posts back at the beginning of April (see here) and I recently read over it. It was so nice to have a moment in my life captured forever so I thought I would do another one, so I can look back on this months from now and remember what was going on in my life and notice how things have changed without me realising it. So here it goes...

Currently I am...

So many new blogs lately. Reading them is one of my favourite pastimes, I no longer ever buy magazines!
I still suck at watching TV shows but one of my friends introduced me to 'Girls' and I think I'm going to start watching it from the beginning. Anyone have any opinions on it?
Not playing any games at the moment!
To find a job. Wish me luck, I need all I can get!
Nothing at the moment but I did just have a lovely homemade burger with coleslaw and cheese. Sounds gross but it's actually really nice!
Cadet Orange :P
Still, I am useless at cooking. I really want to try some recipes though and do blog posts about them. The Trusper app has me inspired!
My last call was to my Mum...
The last text on my phone is from my sister. Clearly I am very popular haha not. 
Lots of inspiring words and bedroom decor ideas. 
Random thoughts throughout my day. Follow me @dreamingagain_
I have really gotten in to making word art frames like the one in this blog post. Need to get on to making one for my best friend. 
I am sitting on my bed cuddled up in blankets with the laptop on my lap writing up this post. Happiness. 
To Thurles tomorrow to pick up a new puppy! I am very excited. Still can't think of a name though. Maybe Noah or Theo?
The Ice Bucket challenge. It is so much fun seeing so many people do it. It's all for a great cause. Of course there are the people who complain about it but seriously? it's all a bit of fun and a laugh and it's bringing us all together. We need more things like that.
Feeling like I wasn't good enough for someone, and feeling like I have just been used.
My little nephew beginning to talk more and more as he is getting more words. It's so much fun to watch him develop and hear what he comes out with. 
Is my friend EVER going to text me back? it's been almost a week!
Despite there being some things in my life lately or things to come in my life that are making me unhappy I am overall feeling positive, hopeful, and content with life. 
That I start being more productive soon and get a part time teaching job.
Listening (to)
I just made a playlist for my friends house party so I have been listening to so many different things. I wanted something for everyone so I've been listening to everything from pop to rock to house to trance!
Not celebrating anything in particular. But I found out when my graduation is going to be held so that should be a good celebration to come in October!
My family, especially my dad for being so great and supportive with everything I do. I feel very lucky that they care so much, even if it does wreck my head sometimes it's nice to know they want the best for me!
Clearing out my wardrobe. It badly needs to be done as I don't wear most of the stuff in it. I am generally trying to make my bedroom nicer and want to decorate my desk space. 
The summer. My best friend is moving a way in a week and that makes me pretty damn sad!
The Autumn. Who knows what new experiences and opportunities this season will bring. Many, I hope. 

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Gemma said...

I love the way you've formatted this post and great to look back on as you said. Good luck in your job hunting. Gemma x

Beautiful Life as I know it

Rachael said...

Good luck with your job hunting! One thing about such challenges like the ice bucket one, is that I wish people would be donating anyway, regardless of being challenged by a friend, and sadly it seems a little bit more about the challenge than the donation than the cause, at least that's what seems to be coming over from my facebook timeline.

Anna said...

what a great little idea for a post...oooh, speaking of great little ideas, that is a pretty good website for food recipes :) tuna fish pie on there is DELICIOUS! :)

& as for feeling used Sinead, I'm really sorry that you've been left feeling that way :( you deserve better & will find better! I know it :)

job hunt side of things, sending lots of luck your way! :) xxxx

Emma Osman said...

This is such a lovely post! Definitely inspired me to do my own soon!

justaswild.blogspot.co.uk xo


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