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6 Jul 2014


I am feeling so happy with life as I sit here writing this. I have the house to myself, a lovely cup of hot chocolate, I'm listening to 'Imagine Dragons' and uploading picture of my friends and I to Facebook. Life is good.

Here are some of the things that have happened this week that have contributed to my happiness.
  • On Tuesday my 7 year old niece and I went in to the city together. It's the first time we have gone to the city just the two of us so it was really lovely. We went shopping in Penneys, got some 99 ice cream cones and took a walk down along the canal. It was an absolutely beautiful day and it was so gorgeous there with the ducks siting along the side of the canal. It was so peaceful and lovely. 
  • Tuesday evening was also so much fun. I went tag rugby training with my friends. We really just had the craic (fun, not the drug for all you non-Irish people) and we were all very silly and hyper. There was also some hilarious injuries which I'm sure the victims didn't find so funny haha. 
  • On Wednesday I spent the whole day with my friend. We went to the discount store to buy some things for a fancy dress party I was going to. We then went to see Mrs Browns Boys in the cinema which was hilarious. We had such a laugh, everyone else in the cinema was over 60. We spent the rest of the evening at his house chilling out, it was probably the best day of the week :)
  • On Thursday night there was a fancy dress party at the rugby club. Each team had a different theme. We went with Father Ted, although some of the guys decided to just do what they want going as a pirate, a cow and the likes! Most of the girls including me went as the lovely girls. Every team had to do a skit out on the pitch which was judged. Ours was so unprepared and hilarious. There was some really funny ones. I then got to dance all night with my friends to some really great splitting songs including songs from 'Greece', 'Happy' by Pharell Williams. It was great because we had a pretend microphone with us which we all sang in to. It was a happy night. I love my friends. 
  • Another simple thing that made me laugh this week was my dad cutting my nephews hair with his razor. You should have seen his little face, he loved it!
Looking back, this week was actually a lot better than I realised. I have some exciting plans for next week too, I can't wait to see how it pans out!

I would love to hear what made your week this week too!

Sinead x

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Meg Kernaghan said...

I'm so glad you had a good week! It's awesome to take time and reflect on how many good things happen in your life, I should do it more often :)

~K said...

I fully endorse some Imagine Dragons to make a day a good day :) I think food made my week - lots and lots of it!

Emma McIlroy said...

I love Imagine Dragons :) It sounds like a wonderful week, it's funny how all of the fun things you do get lost in all of the not fun things you do, reflecting like this is such an awesome thing to do. :)
ps. I'm loving your blog design at the moment.


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