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22 Jun 2014

Simple Sunday

Hey Everyone! 
I have been inspired by Jessica over at Gingerly Pale to start a new blog series. She is one of my all time favourite bloggers. She is so wonderful, if you haven't checked her out already - go do it! I really hope she doesn't mind me doing the same series as her! Michaela over at The giggles of life was also a huge influence. I love her blog and her 'Thankful Thursday' Series.
Simple Sunday will be posted every Sunday (duh) and I will talk about all of the simple things in life that have made me smile throughout the past week. 
I love this idea because it will encourage me to appreciate the small things in life.
So what have been my simple pleasures this week?

  • The Sunshine has got to be one of the best things about this week. Blue skies, shorts, ice-cream and gorgeous sunsets. What more do you need for happiness?!
  • My nephew Mark lying out on a picnic blanket in the sun with me eating sweeties. He would lie down pretending he was asleep then giggle so much when he thought he had convinced me. He has the best smile in the world. 
  • Ice Cream Sundae Party with friends. After tag rugby training me and my two friends went to Supermacs and bought 6 chocolate sundaes. It was quiet the struggle holding them all in my (brand new) car and keeping them from spilling! We  took them to our friends house where three more of our friends were. They were so happy to see the ice cream we brought them and they were quickly devoured. It really is the little things you do for people!
  • I had a gorgeous chicken and vegetable stirfry with sweet chilli sauce on Wednesday. I am such a foodie and might do a recipe or something on my blog in the future! to be honest, I'm not great at cooking...I'm just good at eating!
  • Photography Plans with one of my friends really excite me! we plan to go for a walk around the city next week during this good weather and take pictures with my big girl camera. I can't wait. Galway is absolutely stunning in the summer. I will definitely share my photos with you guys on here!
  • Considerate friends really made me smile this week. During tag rugby training on Tuesday, I almost died in the heat so I ran over to the sub line to get my friend to come on for me and she was like "ughhh are you sure?" I thought she was being lazy but turns out she didn't want me to be on the sub line with one of the guys who was there, since things are awkward between me and him (another story). It's funny. I thought she was being mean but she was actually being considerate. I though, preferred to feel awkward than pass out in the heat!
  • Getting my results has got to be the biggest cause of joy this week. I got the 2.1 I was aiming for and really am very happy and relieved. You know about this from my 30 day snap post, but how could it not go in here?!
  • My dad bringing me home a 99 ice cream cone from the shop, best surprise ever, haha!
  • Texting a new friend all day long and getting them to know them better was really nice. Making a world cup bet with them has also heightened my interest in the tournament. C'mon Italy, Argentina and Brazil! 
  • Making an ice cream cake at a house party with my friends. It was a bit of a 'throw anything in' but it actually turned out pretty decent. 
  • My friend and I singing Yellow Submarine all night Saturday because we thought it sounded like the boys football chant they were singing.

These are some things that made me smile this week! How was your week? Let me know in the comments! I look forward to doing more of these posts in the future and experiencing more simple pleasures!

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Rachael said...

Congrats on achieving your 2:1 - very exciting and you can never go wrong with a 99 ice cream, especially when it's a surprise! Me and the husband went to a summer festival event last night which was lovely eating frozen yoghurt and people watching alongside the band that we headed there to see, excellent all round!

Michaela Higgins said...

Thank you Sinead. Its lovely to hear you like my posts :) Deep down we're still that kid that gets all excited over an ice-cream cone. For me the simple treats are the best, especially when it's a surprise. The main shopping street in Galway is lovely for pictures. You know the colourful shops & pubs beside Jurys? They'll come out amazing on your camera :) You could make a tourist brochure for Galway :D xx

Shopping Obsession said...

what a great post! Simple things in life are the best and we need to slow down and appreciate little things which put smiles on our faces.

New follower from the blog hop :)


Anna said...

Very good idea Sinead :) & NEW CAR?!?!?! Tell me more?! :D xxxx


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