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23 Jun 2014

30 Day Snap | Weekend Catch-up (day 20 - 22)

I am failing a bit at the 30 day snap this time round. Taking the picture is fine but remembering to write the post is the problem....ooopsies!
Fridays snap of the day is of this yummy Martguerita pizza. Nom nom I love this one with the tomatoes. Not much happened on Friday, hence the food pic!
Saturday was a very fun day. I went to my friends house where a couple of us had a little house party. We made this ice-cream cake for two of our friends' birthdays. It was a total mess but so much fun and actually tasted pretty good. It consisted of a layer of muffins, chocolate ice cream, vanilla ice-cream, and strawberry ice-cream fenced in by kit-kats and topped off with smarties and some cocktail umbrellas haha!
Sundays snap of the day is of my nieces make loom band bracelets. They are obsessed with them, particularly the older one. She was looking up YouTube videos on how to make really complicated ones that I couldn't even understand!
Yayyyyy we are all up to scratch! todays snap will be up tomorrow (if you're lucky haha) 
How was your weekend? I hope you had a good one!

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