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16 Jun 2014

30 Day Snap #15 | Happy Birthday Little Man

Hey Everyone!
So today's snap is of my gorgeous little nephew on his second birthday!
He has been such a blessing and a really good baby since he was born. Following two older sisters it was really interesting to see how he, as a boy, is so different. He loves  toy cars and tractors, pretend cows and sheep, he loves swords and guns, he does even be glued to horse racing and football whenever he sees it on the tv.
He isn't able to talk yet, he has a few words but nothing major yet. But boy does he understand what you are saying, he nearly can tell what you are thinking never mind what you are saying!
He has made me smile and my heart melt a little so many times over the past two years. Those gorgeous big brown eyes would cheer anyone up. So why not dedicate this blog post to him.
Happy Birthday little man, thank you for brightening up the lives of your mom, dad, sisters, grand parents and your favourite auntie (me!) hehe. Love you!

P.s I thought I would include a picture of his birthday from last year which was also featured on my 2013 30-day-snap!
 Look how much he has grown in a year! he has definitely changed from a baby in to a little boy!

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Michaela Higgins said...

He's so adorable. I miss my cousin when she was that age. Chubby cheeks :) x

Kate said...

So cute! He's gorgeous. x

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