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2 Jun 2014

30 day snap #1 | For one night only!

So this is a bit awkward - I totally forgot to take a picture especially for the 30-day-snap! haha.
I planned on taking a nice one of my night out showing the lively night life in what ever pub we would be in but whilst I was out, I was too busy having fun and talking to my friends to remember. So all of the pictures I took were of my friends and I. I didn't want to put them up here in case my friends wouldn't be happy about it (even though they probably wouldn't see). So I chose this one from the night because it captures the fun we had and it's also really blurry which is good because my friends are unrecognisable haha.

We had such a good time. My friend and I (the girl in this photo) got ready at her house, we then went to our friends house for a BBQ and some 'pre-drinks' there was 8 of us all together. After that we walked in to the city to this pub called the Kings Head. We stayed there for the night having so much fun. This picture was taken at the end of the night when the place was almost empty and the band had finished playing. Two of my friends thought it would be a good idea to go dancing on the stage! haha. I have some very embarrassing pictures of them which I have been warned not to put on Facebook!

I am so excited to be doing the 30-day-snap! I promise the rest of my photos will be much better and more planned!

Have a lovely day,

P.s. my snaps are going to be a day behind - i.e. day 1 on the 2nd of June etc. This just gives me more time to find a good piccy :)

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Michaela Higgins said...

I was never in Kings Head. Always passed there though. Did ye go to Supermacs (Shmacs) afterwards :D The nights in there are mental. I'm actually laughing how it's a day ahead, when ye see it's a picture of a night out people might think you slept through a whole day :D I can't wait to see your pics everyday, should be gas craic ;) xx

Sinead said...

The Kings Head is good craic! I've never been there on a night out before - only in the day time for food! YES we did go to Supermacs haha! it's always a must :) Hahaha maybe I will do it on the actual day when I do have the picture early :) xxx


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