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9 Jun 2014

30 Day Snap #9 | Life's a beach

Right, time to get back on track and post on the actual day I took the picture! things got a bit thwarted there with a busy and tiring weekend.

This is a picture of my 7 year old niece doing cartwheels on the beach. I love this picture it's so full of energy and I can almost smell the fresh air when I look at it!

Nothing beats a stroll along the beach to blow away any cobwebs in your head! I was so stressed out today and this really helped.

What have you gotten up to today? let me know in the comments!
If you are doing the 30 day snap, are you enjoying it so far?

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PicturePerfectMakeup said...

I have been loving your pictures! Im so annoyed I have been so busy I havent been able to post mine! Was really looking forward to it aswell! :( xx

Anonymous said...

This is such a lovely picture! I'd love to be at the beach right now :)

Madeline | Ring-a-Round a Rosey | Bloglovin’


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