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7 Jun 2014

30 day snap #6 | Nathan Carter Concert (best day ever)

OOOOOOH MY GOD GUYYYYS!!!! This was an amazing day. 
You might not know who Nathan Carter is so I will tell you! He is an Irish country singing ledgend, and he is only 24, aka he is the perfect man for me. His good looks, amazing voice and talent on the accordion drive every one wild especially woman from the ages of about 15 to 90! haha. 
So last night (June 6th) My sister, her husband and I went to see him play in a local hotel. Swoooon. It was SO SO good. Honestly one of the best nights ever. We danced the night away to him and even got some selfies after! I've added some more photos because how could I possibly leave them out. 
I've also attatched a link to one of his songs so you can check him out.  

 He was honestly such a lovely genuine guy. He kept talking to me, saying thanks for coming and asking if I had a good night. I was speechless and could barely reply! damn it Sinead haha. #starstruck
 My sister and I dancing! We had soooo much fun!

Here is his number 1 single Wagon Wheel, if you want to get a feel for his voice!

I don't think any day for the rest of June will top this day. Best. Day. Ever.

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itsaoifedahling said...

New life goal: get a selfie with the gorgeous Nathan Carter! Glad you enjoyed his concert :)


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