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6 Jun 2014

30 Day Snap #5 | Playing under the sunset

At the beginning of the summer my best friend convinced me to join a tag rugby team. Some of her friends from work were making a team for the league. I didn't know anyone on it only her. But over these past few weeks I've gotten to know some of the people on the team and I have already became good friends with a few of them. I'm really excited to get to know them all better and have more fun times with them like the BBQ we had on Sunday.

 Every Thursday evening we have a match, this is our second one. Even though we lost both games so far we have SO MUCH fun. We don't take it too seriously. There is a bar, a barbeque and even some free massages available at the stadium. This evening was so beautiful with the sun setting. It was such a lovely evening with new friends and the hope of those friendships blossoming over the coming weeks in the tournament.

Summer is looking wonderful.

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Ellesa33 said...

Hiya! I love your blog and have just nominated you for the Liebster Award! I apologise if you've already been nominated haha :-)
Your blog is really beautiful and definitely inspires me for my blog xx

Ellesa33 said...

If you haven't its just answering a few questions over on my blog www.ellesa33.blogspot.com and then passing the award on!


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