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4 Jun 2014

30 day snap #4 | Ice cream & Sunshine

Hey Everyone!
So the best thing about today was sitting outside in the sunshine in my back garden with a 99 cone. They are definitely my favourite ice-creams and one of the best things about summer in my opinion! Our local shop has started selling them which is kind of a good and a bad thing, I want one every time I pass the shop haha! 
Another thing I did today was tidy and organise my room. I do this every couple of weeks and the new organised stated usually lasts about 2 weeks max. I am so messy, it drives my mum crazy! Here are some extra pics of my tidy dressing table, I love those little silver jars.. and the spot where I like to chill in my garden. 

One thing I am finding annoying about the 30 day snap so far is that on days where I am just at home and not doing anything exciting I have really nice high quality pictures of rather boring things. Then on days where I am out and about and doing stuff my photos are crap quality as they are taken with my iPhone since I don't bring my dslr. grrr. haha. 

How was your day today? was the sun shinning where you are? What's your favourite ice-cream...Oooh so many questions for you today haha! let me know in the comments.

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Michaela Higgins said...

I've decided to leave you a comment for every days post :D Might as well since I read they daily. Ironically after a day of rain, the sun has finally come out. Not bothered to move from the couch :D My favourite ice-cream is Hagan Daz, chocolate & mint chocolate combined :) I love getting the two scoops #YumYum I'm the same with taking pictures at home with my canon. We should glue the camera to ourselves xx

Anonymous said...

Sadly it rained where I am, so its lovely to see your ice cream; instantly reminds me of summer and parks. I am really enjoying the 30 Day Snap! I look forward to your post tomorrow.
Much love. xxx


RazMaTaz said...

99 are most deffinately the best! Xx

Carmen Varner said...

Ice cream is tasty even on the coldest days. :] // itsCarmen.com ☼

carley be said...

I loved getting the ice cream in london because of the flake! yummy!!!


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