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29 Jun 2014

30 Day Snap #28 | Delicious Snacks

The snap for the 28th is this yummy bowl of fruit and natural yoghurt I had for a snack. I am eating so much lately and I'm not sure why. I usually have lunch at 1 or 2 and then dinner with my family around 5 (which is probably a bit early) I am craving something yummy come 7, that's when I usually eat junk food but I'm going to try to swap it for bowls of fruit because they are just as yummy! I am then absolutely starving again by 9 and really don't know what I should eat considering I'd be going to bed in 2-3 hours.

Sigggghhhh listen to me complaining about not knowing what to eat when there are people who have no choice but not to eat anything at all, first world problems eh?! haha.

How was your day? Are you having a good weekend? Let me know in the comments!

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~K said...

Mmmm looks yummy. I like putting yogurt on my fruit, but sometimes I might sneak the ice cream on there instead.

Dib-Dab-Debs said...

I've been having fruit and yoghurt for breakfast lately and love that it makes me feel like I'm being healthy. Haha. At least it's yummy!
Debi x

Anna said...

Yummmmmm, that does look delicious..think of your five a day :) I'm living fruit & yoghurt at the minute too :) must go to the market actually & get some :) xxx

Anna said...

*loving! Why don't they have an edit button yet? Xx


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