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28 Jun 2014

30 day snap #27 | Photograpy is my remedy

Today was a rubbish day. For no particular reason. Do you ever have those days where you're in a really bad mood, you feel sad and like you want to cry but you don't even know what's wrong. There is just a deep sense of sadness inside. That's how I felt today. I felt like there was no one to talk to. My best friends are either on holidays or are busy studying for exams. I have so many things I want to share with someone and there is no one here to listen right now. Which is incredibly selfish of me but I feel like if I was a Sim my social bar would be empty right now. I think being in the house all day didn't help either. I felt trapped, suffocated, lonely, frustrated not having anyone to share my news with and just really sad. 

This evening I decided to drag myself from the couch and the box of Pringles and get myself outside to get some fresh air. I walked around and still felt rubbish and bored so I decided to take my camera out. I spent ages outside taking pictures, mostly to do with the sunset. I sat in a field full of butter cups with the sun set behind them, snapping a way for ages, and when I got the perfect shot I automatically smiled for the first time that day. The longer I spent trying to get a good picture the happier I got. It made me realise how much I love photography and how it is the thing that cheers me up. It opens my eyes to the world, gets me out of my little bubble of sadness and gives me tremendous satisfaction. I thought I would share one of the photos I took today of the sun streaming across the back of my house. 

Sorry for the slightly depressing post today. I do apologise for complaining, I know how annoying that can be but sometimes its nice to see if people can relate to you and reassure you that you're not alone in your feelings. 

Photography is clearly my remedy for when I am sad. I would love to know what yours is. Let me know in the comments!

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Anna said...

Don't apologise for the sadness Sinead...I know what you mean. When I feel like it I get frustrated too cos I have no idea why I feel like it :/ you aren't alone, remember that :)

& photography is something you are certainly good at, I always like the photos you share :) xxxx


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