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24 Jun 2014

30 Day Snap #23 | Freaking out in a field!

How beautiful does the sky look in this picture? This is the field directly across the road from my house. Today I felt like going for a walk because it was such a lovely day, so I decided to do a lap around this field as opposed to going down the road. Hey it's safer and it is pretty long! I put in my ear phones and walked around the edge of the whole field. I intended to do the lap a few times but on my first lap I noticed the gate at the end of the field was open and there was cows in the next field. I was terrified that they would see me and come and chase me or something so I didn't push my look by going around again. Haha major freak out moment!
I hope you all had a lovely Monday!

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Anna said...

Views like this make me so happy! :D & good call with not pushing your luck with the cows...wise mooooove! :P it had to be done xxxx


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