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19 Jun 2014

30 Day Snap #19 | Untaggables!

Hey Everyone!
I've been feeling a bit sick today which succccks big time. I went shopping in the afternoon and bought some really cute shorts from River Island and three tops from Penneys. But then when I came home I felt so bad and went for a nap for a while. I woke up at 6.15pm in a panic because our tag rugby match was on at 6.40, I had to get ready, eat something and drive there. The game had already started when I got there and it took me awhile to wake up. Clearly, I didn't score any tries today! Our team is called Untouchables, hence the title.
How was your day today? I hope it was better than mine. I can't wait for bed!

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Claire Ruane said...

Nice to see another Irish blogger:) I'm new on the scene and trying to get myself up and running! Love your 30 day snap challenge, I'm doing the 100 happy days challenge on Instagram and I love it :)

Charlotte James said...

I've just followed your blog- it is AMAAAAAZING! Could you return the favour and follow my blog- mycharlottesweboflife.blogspot.co.uk Thanks :)


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