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18 Jun 2014

30 Day Snap #17 | Ice teas with friends

Hey everyone!
Today was an absolutely gorgeous day. There was highs of 27 degree. We here in Ireland definitely do not get that often so it was made the most of!  After tag rugby training (which was exhausting in this heat) me and a couple of the girls went back to one of their houses. We all had ice-cream sundaes and home made ice-tea in the garden, as you can see in my snap of the day! I never had ice tea before and I'm not sure if I'm a lover, I do want to try the lipton ones though. Do you guys like ice tea? whats the best kind? 

 We also had a little visitor in the garden. I don't really like cats but I thought many of you guys might so I took a picture for this post haha. The poor guy has no tail and is missing part of his ear! he must have been in a fight. 
Overall it was a lovely day, and as I am writing his I can feel the heat on my face and shoulders where I must have got sun burned. Ooops. 
Talk to you in tomorrows post!

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Anonymous said...

I love Passionfruit Iced Tea. You can buy it at starbucks near me or get Tazo tea bags and make it yourself!

Madeline | Ring-a-Round a Rosey | Bloglovin’

Michaela Higgins said...

I like mango lipton iced tea. Get it anywhere really. I love that cat, I had 3 that looked similar to it. When I come home the weather will return to its' rainy days, I bet!

Kayla xx


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