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17 Jun 2014

30 Day Snap #16 | The Sun & a 2.1

Hey Everyone!
Today was a big day; my final university results were out today. The results of this past year. 
I find it funny how it can all be boiled down to percentages and grades. All that hard work, endless assignments and projects, sleepless nights, challenging students, making and correcting tests, planning classes, and many tears have amounted to a 2.1. A second class honours grade one.
 I am so relieved and thankful that my hard work has paid off in the form of a decent degree.

Today was a happy day. 
I enjoyed lying out in the sun with a feeling of pride in myself and what I have achieved. I remember November 2012 very well. The deadline for applying for the hDip was December 1st and I was not even going to apply to it because I was told about how hard it was to get in to. I remember one of the talks about the course and we were told about the thousands of people who apply and how there was only 250 places. So I kind of thought "what's the point paying 80 euro to apply when I most likely won't get it'. But my parents pushed me (thankfully) and here I am today, a qualified teacher.
It just goes to show that you will never know if you don't try and nothing is impossible. 
'Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try'

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megan parker said...

Congratulations! That's brilliant.
I know the exact feeling as I get my final university result on the 4th of July, so i'm now going into a slight panic mode.

Megan. :)

Michaela Higgins said...

Congrats again Sinead! I know how you feel. You never know if you don't try! I just hope I'll be as happy qualified as you are :) Let's hope my results come back okay.

Kayla xxx

RazMaTaz said...

Congratulations Sinead! That's amazing, you should be so proud! Xx

Anna said...

Congratulations Sinead! Massive round of applause! :D 'if you never try, you'll never know' xxxx


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