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15 Jun 2014

30 Day Snap #13 & #14 | A relaxing weekend!

Hey Guys, so these past two days have been very quiet in my life so I decided to put them in to one post. I have been doing so much this summer, I've been having so much fun and really 'living' which is great. I'm really enjoying life at the minute. But these past two days were quite enjoyable too, just taking it easy and relaxing outdoors with my family.

On Friday, I was a bit worse for wear after my night out on Thursday so I had a very lazy day. It was a beautiful sunny day though so I got some fresh air, and took some lovely photos. Our garden is in full bloom at the moment so here is Thursdays photo of some gorgeous yellow roses.

Saturday wasn't much different. I babysat my two nieces and my little nephew while my sister and her husband went out for her birthday. It was another gorgeous evening so we spent most of it outside. Fridays photo is of my niece bouncing on the trampoline! You can see my nephew on the trampoline too, he was so funny, he walked on to it (it's level with the ground) said 'woow' and walked off straight away because his sister was bouncing him too much haha.

How was your weekend? Is the weather good where you are? Let me know in the comments!

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carley be said...

The picture of your nieces is lovely! classic


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