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14 Jun 2014

30 day snap #12 | Rugby Game & Toga Night

I am so struggling with the 30 day snap, my bad!
Today (Thursday) was another beautiful sunny day and we had another tag rugby match, we have one every Thursday. I scored a try this time! YAY, I was so proud!
Here's a picture of my legs and one of the pitches before the match started. I was the first of my team to get there, that's dedication for you!
Afterwards there was a toga party in the club house where lots of people dressed in togas, me nor my friends did though. There was seven of us girls together and we had a blast. The music in the club was pretty great, ranging from titanium to ymca, all of which we sang along to.
How are you enjoying the summer (if you live in the northern hemesphere) let me know in the comments!

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