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14 May 2014

Photo Diary | Inside our glasshouse

I have pledged to start using my DSLR Camera some more. That's why I thought I would start this Photo Diary series. I will try and take random and hopefully creative pictures. I decided my families glass house would be a good place to start. This is our first year having a glass house. In it we have sewn tomato plants, cucumber, lettuce, strawberries and ... um ... I must ask my dad as it's his little project! Obviously everything is just sewn now. I might make another little photo diary just when they are ready to be eaten, then we can see the growth and transformation!

I'm not sure how often I'll be doing this series. It all depends if something inspires me to take photos or I do something for the day that I can document. I probably won't do it for the month of June as the 30-day-snap is kind of a month long photo diary and you would have my photos coming out your ears!

I hope you liked my pictures and enjoyed this post! do you have a glass house or would you like to have one?

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Anna said...

Sinead I seriously love your blog, I just find it to be a happy place...find myself casually sat smiling to myself..send help?! :) haha! can't wait to see the progress of the little creatures :) xxx


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