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16 May 2014

My Life in Letters A - Z

A - Art - I was so good at this as a child but am now out of practice.
B - Blogging - probably my favourite hobby.
C - Coffee - I have only recently acquired a taste for this.
D - Decor - I love interior design and decor. Dream job.
E - Elephants - I want to ride one.
F - Friends - where would I be without them?!
G - Geography - my favourite subject in school and one I chose to teach.
H - Home and Away - my favourite TV show. Sun, sea and sexy men. Perfect.
I - Ireland - the place I call home.
J - Journeys - I want to see the world!
K - Kit Kat - I love chocolate.
L - Laughing, a laugh a day is essential, eh?
M - Music - understands every emotion.
N - Nieces and Nephew - always cheer me up.
O - Ocean - what's better than going to the sea side on a sunny day?
P - Pizza - who doesn't  love pizza?
Q - Questions - inappropriate or off topic ones from students, most annoying aspect of teaching :P
R - Running - I want to get fit and start running this summer!
S - Sinead, - my name. Haha.
T - Teacher - what is turning out to be "what I will be when I grow up"
U - Umbrellas - I hate them, so awkward and unreliable.
V - Varnish (nail) - I'm kinda addicted.
W - Weekends - the thing I live for!
X - Xxx - kisses everyone loves kisses haha (couldn't think of anything good here obviously :P)
Y - Youtube - one of my favourite past times.
Z - Zonkey - a cross between a Zebra and a Donkey. My friend and I have a weird obsession with animal hybrids.

That was actually so much fun! haha. I did it weirdly quick too, the one I spent longest trying to think of was 'L' strangely. If you want me to expand on anything I've said just ask! 

You should do this too, I love these little posts to get to know each other better.

Happy Friday, have a lovely weekend!

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Anna said...

Already tweeted you cos I read this earlier but I bloomin love it so I'm totally going to give it a go too! :D xx


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