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30 May 2014

Collective Clothing Haul!

Hey Everyone!
Since I got the holidays I have been treating myself to a few bits and bobs because I deserve it ;) haha. I've only ever done one haul before and that was nearly a year ago so I thought it would be something fun and different for my blog.  I'm not trying to show off or anything I just thought some people might like to have a nose and see what my style is like and also get an idea for what's in the shops. Everything I got was from Penneys (Primark), Dunnes Stores (Irish only sorry), Born (Irish only again, my bad!), Nike and New Look.

Left: New Look / Centre: Penneys (Primark) / Right: New Look

I'm trying to collect some statement necklaces because they really can make a plain outfit amazing! So I picked up these three over the last few weeks.
Runners - Nike / Football boots - Nike

For the summer I want to get fitter so to motivate myself I got some runners (trainers, sneakers or whatever you want to call them - why are there so many names for them? haha) and some football boots because I started playing tag rugby which I am really enjoying by the way!

PlaySuit - Born / shoes - Dunnes Stores

I LOVE this playsuit. I think it will be so cute for summer. It's a lovely baby blue colour which reminds me of ice-cream, God knows why because I've never seen blue ice-cream! I have nothing this colour before so I really cannot wait to wear it. 

Dress - Penneys (Primark) / Shoes - Dunnes Stores

This dress definitely isn't my usual style but I really liked it on the mannequin and thought I would try something different. It's lovely and cool for warm days but I like how it has sleeves so it's good for when the evening gets cooler.
 Skorts - Born / Top (old) - Penneys

Finally, I got these skorts. Eeeek I love them. I don't have any other skorts but I think they're really cute. I was drawn to the pattern on these ones, I think it's unique and different, most of the other skorts I have seen are floral but this one is definitely more me! They are pretty short though. Please ignore the paleness of my legs, It's pretty clear they haven't seen the sun in at least 9 months haha! 

So that's everything! I think I'm going to go on a little shopping ban for a bit haha. 
I hope you liked this post, let me know if you think I should do more of these kind of posts. I actually had a lot of fun making it. 

I didn't know whether to do a haul or a few seperate OOTD's but I decided to combine everything. 
What do you prefer to see - a regular haul, OOTDs or a combination like this one? Please let me know, I am clueless as to what's best haha.

It's my 1st blogiversary on Sunday so expect a blog post about that then :)
Until then, Have a fantastic weekend!

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Katy - Giggles And Makeup said...

Those running shoes are so nice! Adore those shorts too!


Jes Cohen said...

I fell in love with those skorts. I've been really into them lately, and I wish they suited me as much as they suit you. :) They look amazing, like wow.

Naturally Jes

Michaela Higgins said...

I love the shorts Sinead. And summer is amazing time for chunky necklaces :) It feels amazing when we can dress up for summer. You look great in all this pictures. Seems you'll have to continue with these haul/ outfit blog posts :) xx

Meg Kernaghan said...

The skorts are the nicest ones I have seen so far. I looked for some in H&M but couldn't find any because it's going into winter here. I might see if I can get some similar to these of the net, the pattern is just gorgeous.

I also love your statement necklaces. :)

Sinead said...

The brand of the skorts is signature if that helps :) maybe there is a website I'm not sure :) they had them in green instead of orange too, took ages to decide! Haha x


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