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5 May 2014

April Favourites

 Hey Everyone!
This is my first ever monthly favourites blog post! I want to play around with different types of posts and mix things up a bit on my blog. I have so many things planned, I really can't wait to get around to them! So here is my attempt at a monthly favourites. Lets hope it suffices haha :)

 Miss Selfridge Chain 

I got this for half price, I think it was €15 down to €8 which I was obviously super excited about. I love it and wear it soooo often. Definitely my favourite chain at the moment. Really need to get more statement jewellery pieces!

New Look Sunglasses

I was in town during the month and it was super sunny so I bought these on a whim (I can't handle the sun on my eyes!) I picked them up in New Look for like €7. I think they're really cute and love the aztec design on the handles...handles? I don't think that's what they're called but you know. Haha. Wearing glasses provides a summer filter to the world I think and they are also absolutely essential for me while I'm driving so they're good for safety reasons too ;)

 Rimmel - Orange in Gold

OK guys, I LOVE ORANGE LIPSTICK. I think it really suits my skin tone and eye colour. So I currently wear orange lipsticks more than any other shade. This is probably my favourite one because it's nice subtle and natural looking with a gold shimmer! Do you have any orange lipstick recommendations? I'm on the look out for more :)

 'The Road' by Cormac McCarthy

I had to read this book for my English degree last year and I absolutely loved it so I read it again throughout March and April (I haven't got much time to read) It's a really well written and interesting book. Let me just tell you - it is very dark, and somewhat gruesome, it deals with a father and son trying to survive after an apocalypse. It is such a page turner!  

Umberto Giannini - Perfect Beauty Finishing Cream

This is a hair product you put on after you've finished styling it. It's the last thing you do. It is a God send. Such a great find for me. I just squirt a little bit of the cream into my hands and rub it through my hair, focusing on the ends. Less is more so I honestly think this little bottle is going to last ages! It really does give your hair that 'salon finish' it makes it smooth, silky, shinny and all that good stuff. I don't know how this isn't raved about more!


Since Easter was this month I just had to include chocolate, right?! Ok I don't think I have to explain why I like chocolate, I'm sure you have all tried it hahaha.

 And then I stuffed my face with half an Easter egg after taking photos for this post. YUMMY!
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Michaela Higgins said...

I love the necklace, it would go with pretty much anything :) I have to get back on track with my monthly favourites. I stopped it all because I simply forgot about them, oops, my bad :)
Is there any post Sinead of yours that I don't like? Heehee xx

Anna said...

that necklace is lovely, really like the little crosses :) & driving? do you drive? am I missing something or have you always drove? or have you recently passed...I completely forget whats going off sometimes :/ :( & I have no idea what the 'handles' are called, I'd call em arms haha...pretty sure they aren't called arms either though, who knows :) & chocolate, good call! xxx


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