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28 May 2014

Annoying things I do | Guest Post

Hey Everyone! So recently myself and another lovely blogger Emma from New Zealand, who writes The Earth Through a Lens  decided to feature each other on our blogs! She interviewed me for her 'The Great Unknown' series, and I thought I would let her do a guest post on my blog! Emma's blog is amazing, definitely one of my favourites so be sure to check it out!

Now without further ado I'll hand you over to Emma's who's going to talk about some annoying things she does!

Hi everyone!

I'm Emma, and sometimes I do things that annoy other people, and myself to be perfectly honest.

Firstly, if I say something that people find funny, I will subconsciously find ways to work it into the conversation again. I'm not really that much of a funny person, so perhaps my brain thinks that I have to milk it for all it's worth, but it's never funny the second time, so that logic doesn't really follow. All it does it make me wince later and think, why did I bring that up again?!

Secondly, if I don't think that people are listening to what I'm saying, or if I get distracted, I will just drift off, mid-sentence and mid-story and stop talking. The problem is that people usually are listening, and they do want to hear the rest of my thoughts, despite what I think. Very irritating apparently.

And number 3, if I have some nice food, say some chocolate or a cupcake, I will eat it veeerrryyy slowly. To savour it, you know?! But the problem is usually it's something like me and my friends eating cupcakes, and they will be finished it ages before me, and it will just be me sitting there eating it, and them looking longingly at my cupcake and wishing I would just hurry up and eat it!

Anyway, please let me know I'm not alone and that you guys do things that annoy people too!
Thanks for having me Sinead! :)

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Emma McIlroy said...

Thanks for this Sinead, it was such a fun thing to do!!! :)

Meg Kernaghan said...

So the trailing off mid-sentence thing! I do that all the time, and it is so awkward because its usually in a group of people and you've accidentally gone to speak at the same time as someone else and you know at least one person in the group heard you awkwardly stop yourself.

We are in this together Emma!


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