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28 Apr 2014


Do you ever feel incredibly overwhelmed by life and everything that is happening in it? I have been feeling quiet besieged as of late. Firstly, it's coming to the end of the academic year for me. I have only two more weeks left so I have assignment deadlines coming up. Two huge deadlines that I have so much to prepare for. I feel like I have such a heavy workload that it's difficult to find any motivation. I am looking for every distraction. Hence, why I'm blogging right now. Even the fact that I have so little motivation is making me feel stressed out and really worried. Am I too lazy to succeed? On top of that, the whole idea that this is my last week in university EVER is terribly frightening. It's time to face the big bad world and who isn't afraid of that? I'm so beleaguered at the thought of having to go out and search for a teaching job. Especially considering the competition is huge here in Ireland. The prospect of moving to the UK is becoming ever more real and that scares me. I know the UK is a perfectly good place but the thought of leaving my home and my family is quiet intimidating.

Yet 5-10 years from now, where do I see myself? in fact I have a very clear idea of where I want to be. I want to have a full time teaching job and I want to have found 'the one' if there is such a thing. But yet, I am so terrified of all the struggles, challenges, pain and hurt I will have to climb through in order to get there that I am worried that I don't have the strength to be where I want to be.

Does anyone else feel this overwhelmed sometimes or am I just crazy?

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Anonymous said...

You are not alone. I have been feeling the same way lately, about my college assignments. I am coming up to the end of my course and I'm finding it more stressful than when I started. I am trying to keep in mind that the end is nigh and that helps a little.
I have written a post on procrastination if you would like to view it.
Thank you for writing this post. It means I am not alone!

Much love and respect to you. X Peachy x


Sinead Dreaming said...

I will definitely check out your post on procrastination - I am the queen of it ;)

Anonymous said...

The post is called 'spending time is precious' x

Louise Francesca said...

I feel the exact same right now!! once exams are over though I think I'll go back to normal X


Anonymous said...

I feel the exact same way. My finals week is coming up, and it often seems like the exams I have to take are going to make or break me. We just need to push through. You have a solid plan for your future, you aren't stepping into the world with no idea what to do, so have confidence!

Kelsey Greene said...

You most definitely are not in this boat alone! I have two finals tomorrow, and I feel like my brain is going to pop with all this information I have to know! It is the best feeling once it's over though because it will finally be summer and relaxing time! :) By the way...I am trying to get my degree as a teacher and my dream is to live in Ireland....you are literally living the life I want!

Vicky Chandler said...

You're 100% not alone, I have about three mental breakdowns a week from work panic. I have two huge assignments AND my dissertation proposal project due in the next week and my brain is frazzled. But, it was never supposed to be easy, right? What I do is make a little countdown list of all the things I've got to look forward to when it's done and that is keeping me going.

You can do it sweet!!

I found your blog on the #bbloggers Blog Hop! Followed you now so can't wait to catch up with more :)

Vicky xx
Lots of Love, Me.

A Bee said...

About the 'one', I'd like to reassure you that he's definitely out there.


Anna said...

you certainly aren't alone at all Sinead! *massive hugs* I don't really know what to say other than take each day as it comes, one step at a time :) slow progress is better than no progress & if you stop, make sure you start going again :) okkkk...could I have whacked anymore quotes in there? I'm not too sure..you know where I am if you need me :) <3 xxxx


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