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4 Apr 2014

Currently I am...

I saw this post on lots of blogs recently and I thought I would join in on the fun! Sure, why not capture the moment?

Currently I am...

Reading… 'Savin' Me' by Alannah Lynne. It's a modern romance :)
Watching… 'Home and Away' as always! The River Boys are in London chasing their women...what's not to love :P
Playing… Not playing any games at the moment! ain't no one got time for that  haha. 
Trying… To get all these lesson plans done...well more so just thinking about it, I need to try harder. 
Eating… One of those chocolate mallow Easter eggs NOMMY
Drinking… Now that you say it, I think I'll have a cup of tea!
Cooking… Hahahaha me cooking, good one!
Calling… I never call people apart from my parents :P
Texting… One of my friends from uni about how we are getting on with teaching practice. 
Pinning… I don't use Pinterest...Awks.
Tweeting... About absolutely everything, my twitter is like my own little diary. Don't tweet on my blog twitter as often though but my handle is @dreamingagain_ ;)
Crafting… Wow this blog post must seriously think I'm some kind of super woman multi-tasker :O 
Doing… Just relaxing at the moment! I had a teaching practice inspection today, it went really well, so I'm super happy but annoyingly not doing anything productive because I feel like I deserve to chill because I'm such an awesome teacher and all haha. 
Going… To my friends house tomorrow night for a sleepover! with lots of chick flicks and chocolate. Eeek I can't wait. There's nothing better than girly chats in your pj's and stalking people on facebook :P
Loving… The fact that it's Friday :) 
Hating… Feeling so stressed out with all of the work I have to do for uni and school. It's so intense! 
Enjoying… How the days are getting longer, sunnier and warmer, generally :)
Thinking… Trying to think about what I am thinking of...  it's like the egg and the chicken. 
Feeling… Really happy. I had such a bad week. It started out rubbish then I got sick on Wednesday with the vomiting bug, had it all day Thursday, got a call Thursday afternoon saying I will be getting an external inspector Friday (today) morning. In my boldest and weakest class. I nearly died and literally cried to my mother. But now I'm happy because it went so well. The inspector was full of praise for me and I know that it will bring my grade up so I now think that I was lucky to be randomly selected for an extra inspection, rather than how terribly unfortunate I felt last night. 
Hoping… Just that life is good in the future and full of happiness and new beginnings for me.
Listening (to)… 'Wings' by Birdy - really love that song. 
Celebrating… Doing so well in my inspection :) It's so nice to be told that you are excellent when you put your life in to it. 
Thanking… Just trying to be thankful for all the good things. Glad that this awful week has ended on a high. Also thanking my mum in the spirit of mothers day, got here a box of chocolates and a pretty potted plant, not much but she knows I care :)
Considering… Whether or not to add photos to this blog post - I think I will. 
Finishing… This blog post - ahaha I'm so smart. 
Starting… to consider doing these blog posts on a regular basis. Just because I think its a great way to capture the moment which I can then look back on in the future. I might do this every couple of months :) 

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Isabella said...

This is a really cool post I like the layout of it. Congratulations on your inspection going so well I've got some friends doing their teacher training and I work in a school and am going to start my training next year so I know how stressful it is!


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