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5 Mar 2014

Interview with a blogger | Hanily

Hey Everyone!
Time for the final edition of 'Interview with a blogger' I have really enjoyed doing this series. My all time favourite thing about blogging is getting to interact with so many amazing people. Everyone I have met through blogging have been nothing less than courteous, pleasant and forthcoming. Doing this series was one of the greatest ways to interact with you all. The whole process of tweeting each other, emailing each other, coming up with questions that are in some way personal, and reading your answers has been so much fun. I hope I continue to get to talk to you all whether it be in comments, over twitter or wherever, I hope I make lots of new blogging friends throughout this year. 

Anyways, sorry for rambling on. Now onto the stars of today's blog post Hana and Emily from the blog Hanily. These girls have been so sweet since I started talking to them. They are 14 year old best friends. They are only over a month blogging but I really hope they keep it up and are finding it as fun as I am. And girls, never be afraid to ask me any questions! blog related or otherwise, I have just got out of those terrible & wonderful teenage years and I am sure I have some wisdom to share :P 

Could they be any more gorgeous? 
1.Why did you decide to start a joined blog?
 We decided to start a joint blog because it was on our best friend bucket list for 2014.

2. Where do you get your inspiration for your posts?  
We get our inspiration from topics that we tend to talk about, and just our lives in general. We also get some of our inspiration from 'beauty gurus.

3.What is the best thing about sharing your blog with your friend?
 We love sharing a blog together :) we always have motivation to write posts and the job is shared so it's not as heavy going. We share ideas and love blogging in our spare time together.

4. Give a brief description of your blog that will convince people to go and check it out
Our blog is by two best friends that love each other to pieces. We write about general life, and also beauty so there is definitely going to be something that everyone can hopefully enjoy. We have so much fun writing our blog and hope that people will have the same enjoyment reading it as we do making it! 

5.What do you think are the most important qualities in a friend?
 The most important qualities in a friend is for them to be: funny, loyal, easy to talk to, nice, outgoing, bubbly, and caring :)

6. What do you think are your biggest achievements in life so far?
 Our biggest achievement in life so far is our friendship. We have come so far with each other and have got through some really hard things that we know we wouldn't have got through without each other :)

7.If you could each be someone else for a day, who would it be and why?
 Han: Katniss Everdeen because she loves her friends and family unconditionally and protects them. She's grateful for everything she has and she's strong and loyal.
Em: I would love to be Ellie Goulding because I think that she's so talented! She's so pretty and so successful and I would love to be that successful in the music industry. Her voice is so unique and she has had so many amazing opportunities, and she seems so lovely too! 

8.What picture is on your phone screensavers right now? (describe it or include it if you like)
 Han: My phone is in repair atm *woops* but I had a slideshow of all my favourite pictures from my phone (most were of me and Em).
Em: My lockscreen is a picture of me and Han when we went shopping. We tried on these gorgeous dresses from Miss Selfridge which I ended up getting for half price in the sale!

9. If you could clothes shop in one store for the rest of your life, where would it be and why?
Han: New Look because it sells everything I could ever want to wear.
Em: I don't clothes shop in just one place so this is hard for me! I would probably say Zara because the clothes there are quite elegant and sophisticated which is the style I tend to wear.  

10.Where do you see yourselves in 10 years from now?
 Han: I haven't a clue, who knows where life will take me? Hopefully I will still be blogging and maybe will be a qualified midwife.
Em: I'm exactly the same - I have no clue... But hopefully I'll be doing a lot more blogging and getting into the industry and journalism and the media. Hopefully I'll be living in a studio apartment in London :)

I think those girls have such a lovely friendship, I think we all dream of a friendship like theirs!

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All of these girls really seemed to enjoy getting involved and I'm really happy to have had them and to have made them smile even just for a minute, that's what life's all about after all :) 


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Aoife D said...

Great post!
I've been reading this series and it really was lovely and interesting. Well done! :)

Han Emily said...

Thankyou Sinéad it has been so fun getting involved! Hanily x


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