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9 Mar 2014

Fresh Start Sunday #3

Back to teaching practice I go tomorrow. I'm nervous. I really find myself doubting my capabilities a lot when it comes to teaching. It is so challenging I can't even explain. I have to prepare around 3 lessons a day, write lesson plans for each one, then I have to go into the classroom and deliver it whilst trying to keep their interest, trying to keep them quiet and so on. It is extremely hard, trust me. I have to notice the behaviour of each individual, are they working, are they learning, do they have their homework done, I have to keep track of so many people. On top of that I have to do a load of assignments for Uni, talking about my learnings and experiences in school. Being a student teacher is incredibly intense. 
I am sure all of you face challenges every day too. Whether it be school, work, parenting, house-work, looking after a love one, the list of challenges people face are endless.
What we have to do is remember that we can do it. We have to take one day at a time and tell ourselves that we are capable of doing everything we have to do, and doing it successfully. I think a positive mindset of our own abilities is the real secret, after all if you just believe in yourself you can do anything. 


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Anonymous said...

You can do it Sinead! Have fun teaching, it just sounds like the most incredible experience whenever you post about it.

Madeline | Ring-a-Round a Rosey | Bloglovin’

Anna said...

without a doubt I believe you can do it Sinead! :) I love the quote 'believe in yourself & youre half way there' :) remember that! xxxx


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