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2 Mar 2014

Fresh Start Sunday #2

I love this quote. If we all just enjoyed every moment imagine how happy we would be. I think people spend far too much time regretting the past and worrying about the future, in the meantime we are forgetting to appreciate the moment we are in. 
This is especially relevant for me. This week coming is my last week in University, ever. Instead of regretting not making the most of my four years in Uni and worrying about what I am going to do next year in the big bad world, I am just going to try and love every moment of this coming week. Going to the library, getting a coffee in Smokey's cafe, taking in the atmosphere of the college bar, having a chicken and cheese panini in the Bialinn, sitting in a lecture, walking across the bridge on my way home. All such small things. But things I have done every day for the past four years. Things that I will miss. So I am going to relish every moment of my last week on campus. Wow I'm feeling kind of emotional writing this. It's difficult to leave behind a life you are used to. I remember feeling exactly like this when I was moving from secondary school to Uni and that literally feels like yesterday. Life moves scarily fast sometimes, make the most of now. 

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