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22 Feb 2014

What's in my Bag? | Uni Edition

I started writing a 'Saturday Summary' post but I literally had nothing to talk about. I had such a boring week. It revolved around me doing my assignment which is huge - worth 25% of my total grade! so yeah endless hours in the library does not make for a very interesting 'Saturday Summary' post.

 So I thought I would do something a bit different, well different for me, lets face it, this is pretty common amongst bloggers and YouTubers ....dun dun dun... It's a 'What's in my bag | Uni edition' meaning the bag I take to Uni everyday. And yeah that 'dun dun dun' was pretty pointless considering you already knew from the title ;) 

Anyways, I present to you my bag and all of its contents! hope you enjoy having a nose.

Bag; River Island

I would highly recommend this bag.  I have it for a few months now, I only use it for school and college and when I'm in school it especially has to lug around lots of folders and copies etc.. and it has lasted! Every bag I have for this purpose always breaks so I'm really impressed by this one!

Purse: River Island

And that's what's in my everyday bag! as you can see I'm not one to lug around the contents of my room. Just the bare essentials. Are you one of those people who brings everything everywhere or are you more like me?
I hope you liked this slightly different kind of post from me. If you've done a similar 'What's in my bag' post be sure to let me know in the comments.


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Lauren said...

I love the notebook! I'm like you, I don't take that much to uni, just the things I need!


Anonymous said...

My bag is always a mess. I applaud you for only having exactly what you need.

Madeline | Ring-a-Round a Rosey | Bloglovin’

Emerald Dove said...

Your purse is so pretty - love the colour! :)

Anna said...

I love a good whats in my bag post/video...maybe I'm just slightly too nosey :) hehe! I've been thinking about doing one of these kind of posts...I have everything but the kitchen sink in my bad :) :/ I really like your purse :) xxx

Anna said...

*in my bag

Ookaze said...

Beautiful bag, hun! I wish I could carry my stuff in a bag instead of a backpack but I carry waaaay too much stuff for that. For once I always need some food to take with me, even if it's only some fruits and a gigantic water bottle, we're talking 1.5 l here and all kinds of other stuff :P



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