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17 Feb 2014

Saturday Summary #5

Hey Everyone,
I was just going to leave this weekends Saturday Summary because I have been feeling SO sick all weekend. I woke up on Valentines Day feeling like death, luckily I am single so it wasn't too much of an issue, haha, but it still sucked! I'm just starting to feel my old self again now on Sunday night and I actually feel in the mood to write about my week. 
So here is how it was :)

  • Went back to Uni this week (can I get a hell yeah?!) I was soooooooooo happy to be back, the kids in school were starting to do my head in and I really missed all my uni friends, the fun we have and just the uni lifestyle. It was so lovely to see everyone again, honestly, I can't even describe our friendships, we're just always laughing and spend most of our time in some cafe eating 'cause we're fat :P
  • On Tuesday night we went out to celebrate my 21st! I had planned on us going to a nice cocktail bar to start the night but one of my guy friends (who I kinda have a thing for, but I don't know if he has a thing for me, mind-games, confused, I hate boys aghhh etc) asked me if I wanted to have a little get together at his place first and then head to the nightclub, so obviously, I said yes. I won't go into detail but I had A LOT of fun! most of my friends from uni were there and some of my old friends from school. They all had got me a cake and a card signed by them all. I felt so loved!!! 
  • That Tuesday night happened to also be the night of a storm, it was windy and raining and I was wearing a dress - I think that's where I must have picked up my illness :(
  • On Wednesday there was a teaching fair in Uni. Most of the stalls there were British because apparently there's a shortage of teachers in the UK whilst there's too many here, in Ireland. They were all trying to show us how much they need us, what areas we could go to, what they had to offer etc etc. The prospect of having to move away from home is not a pretty one for me. I've never planned on it but if it has to be done, and if one or two of my friends venture across the pond with me I guess it won't be so bad. At least to get experience for a year or two. I would hate to have to stay forever though :(
I think that's pretty much all that is worth sharing from this week. It was basically just getting back to Uni, reuniting with my friends, looking to the future, learning about interviews & CVs, and getting sick at the end of the week. I always have more personal things I want to share but I am always afraid to, the internet is scary sometimes, eh? Anyways, I have a 7'000 word essay due in two weeks so I need to get cracking on that next week. Fun times. 

How was your week? please do let me know in the comments :) 

Thanks for Reading,

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Anna said...

hell yeahhhh to being back at uni! *high five* :D hope you're feeling better Sinead! :) xxxx


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