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8 Feb 2014

Saturday Summary #4

Hey Friends!
I missed last weeks 'Saturday Summary' unfortunately because I was getting ready for my twenty first party on the Sunday. So that means one thing, we have LOTS to catch up on.
Hmm I'm finding it a struggle to remember back on the week before last. 

One of the main things that happened was I got my teaching practice inspection, I was so glad to have it finally over with. It's so nerve-wrecking having someone in watching you teach and then speaking about it with you for an hour and a half after! It went pretty well though, of course there was criticism but she said I have improved since the last time so I am hoping all is good! 
One of the things that made me happy this week was the support and help from the English teacher whom I'm taking classes for and who was my English teacher when I was in school. It's crazy to think I was afraid of him because he was so strict and now I see him as the nicest man because of all the time he spent making sure my inspection (which was on in his English class) went well.

On the Friday of last week, I went out for a few drinks with my sister, my brother and their husband and girlfriend. We went to three different and very lively pubs and then went for a take-away after. It was nice to go out and spend some good quality time with each other.

On Sunday, the 2nd it was my 21st birthday, you can read all about that here. It was an amazing day with all my friends and family, I wanted to mark this milestone well and I'm glad I did :)

This week was my last week of teaching practice (for now) the other student teachers in my school were all super sad about this and were really disappointed to be leaving but to be honest, I have been so stressed out with it that I'm glad to be having a break. When I say having a break, I mean going back to college and completing a 7'000 word essay. 

These last two weeks I've really started talking to old friends who I haven't spoken to in ages whether it be over Facebook or in person. It's been really nice to reconnect with some people and I feel like I have lots of friends I can speak to now, which is always good.

I think that's pretty much everything. My life has been kind of boring lately, but at the same time it hasn't been because I have been so busy with college/teaching and my personal life too. To all of you who have asked to take part in my 'Interview with a blogger' series - I haven't forget! I'll get to it eventually I promise.
For now, I'm just really excited to go back to college next week, see all my friends from there, get to be a college student again, fit in some fun and be young!


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Andreea P. said...

I am bit late, but Happy Birthday!
Andreea | http://catsfika.blogspot.ro/


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