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1 Feb 2014

NUMARI "The Diagonal Colour Block Sheath Dress" | Fashion February

Hey Everyone!
I am taking part in 'Fashion February' which was an idea of Ali from The Cute Little Beauty Blog. To find out more visit the link! 
Basically, every week of February we will be sent an item of clothing and we will have to chose 5 other items of clothing/accessories to go with it. 
This week the item of clothing is NUMARI's "The Diagonal Color Block Sheath Dress". 
I absolutely love this dress. As you can see, it is a really casual but classy sheath dress which could be dressed up or dressed down. I decided to go with a 'dressed down' look. I tried to keep the look sophisticated but cute with the bowler hat (which I think is so adorable, I would love to be brave enough to wear it), a leather jacket, black ankle boots, cream watch and a beige and black tote bag which I think is my favourite item of all! I found all of these items on Newlook.
I am pretty happy as I think they would go very well with the dress and would make a fantastic outfit that would take you from day to night!
What do you think of the dress and the items I have chosen to go with it?


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RazMaTaz said...

The dress is beautful, and I am in LOVE with that bowler hat! Great outfit! Xx


Joele Forrester said...

Love the watch and hat you've styled the dress with! I'm taking part in #FashionFebruary too..

Joele x

Ali Thecutelittlebeautyblog said...

Lovely outfit, casual but classy!
x Ali

Jasmine Rabuñal Barrientos said...

Cute! The hat is gorgeous.

Jasmine xx For a Real Woman

Jazz martin said...

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