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3 Feb 2014

My 21st Birthday

Hey Everyone!
I turned 21 on Sunday February 2nd and I thought I'd better mark this milestone here on my blog. 
I had such a lovely day. I had a little house party at my house. All of my extended family came (and that's a lot) as well as some family friends. We had a marquee up outside, it was a bit cold though so it wasn't put to much use. We had so much food, lasagne and chicken curry. My sister made an abundance of cup cakes, muffins, chocolate marshmallows, cakes, and of course there was my birthday cake.
It was so nice to get all the family together to celebrate with me. Two of my childhood friends who I hadn't seen in what feels like forever also came along and that really helped to make the day all the more perfect.
Everyone was so generous, I got so many lovely gifts. My sister bought me a beautiful ring which looks just like Kate Middletons engagement ring. I really should have put a picture of it on this post but I will tweet it! @DreamingAgain_ (haha sly promo there) my favourite thing I got though was from my parents, a DSLR camera! I was so excited as I wanted one forever. I can't wait to start using it properly. In the meantime, here are some snaps I took of the day with it. I didn't take very many pictures worth sharing (I took loads of me and my family and friends but that's not very exciting for you guys) I guess I was too busy enjoying myself to think about taking pictures for my blog! haha.

Thanks for reading x

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Jessie said...

A belated but happy birthday to you! A day filled with food and friends, what more does anybody need right? ;-)

Ookaze said...

Again, belated happy birthday :D Good your birthday was a great as it was you really deserve that :) I'm excited to see what fab pictures you're going to upload here from now on ;)


Hanily said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Love Han and Em <3 xx

Emma McIlroy said...

Happy belated 21st birthday, it looks like you had a lovely day. Lucky you getting a DSLR camera, that's so exciting!!
the Earth through a Lens
ps. your cake looks really yummy :)


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