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26 Jan 2014

Saturday Summary #3

Hey Everyone!
How was your week? I hope it was amazing and full of smiles for you all!
So, how was my week? 
  • My week started off kind of bad, I heard something that hit me like a tonne of bricks! I'm not going to put it up here but it was pretty upsetting for me and definitely not a good way to start the week.
  • School was pretty stressful this week, one of my classes went absolutely awful, I had to stop teaching them and dish out detentions! My first years were pretty bad too with regards to disruption but I feel like I've built up a nice relationship with them where they really like me and I think they are all lovely (well most of them) I see them 7 times a week and therefore I find it so hard to punish them! I'm so worried about this, it's really a case of faking power/strictness until it turns out  you have it. As they say, 'fake it 'til you make it'. The whole situation has me really doubting myself and my capabilities. Also, I am still waiting on my inspection which has me a nervous wreck, argh!
  • On to the good stuff about the week now! I caught up with some old friends who I haven't spoken to in a while and we hit the town for the night :P just some pub'n and club'n but it was nice to see them after not seeing them in about a year and a half!
  • The best part of this week was making arrangements for my 21st Birthday! I am so excited. I decided to have a party in my house. I've booked a marquee, ordered catering, bought some really cool decoration, ordered the birthday cake, and sent out the invitations. One of my friends has even made up a playlist for the day - so sweet. I've also planned two nights out with friends. "Two?" I hear you ask?! well the first one will be two days before my birthday and will mostly be my brother, sister, their partners and some old friends from my area that I have known forever. That's going to be a more 'tame' night considering some of the guests will be over 30 (so old :P ) Gosh am I looking forward to that! The second night will be over a week after my birthday when I go back to university after this block of teaching practice, all of my uni friends will be back Galway, and I won't have any 9 am classes to worry about so that's going to be a hopefully very fun, and crazy night and I cannot wait to go out with all of my uni friends again who I haven't seen since before Christmas....eeeek!
  • I dyed my hair this week!!! I had ombre hair before and it was really light. I really liked it, I think blondish definitely suits me but I had my hair like that for about a year and felt like a change, I was sick of my super dark roots growing out and just felt like a richer colour again! here are the before and after pics :)
So that's basically been my week this week! I'm really enjoying these summary posts, it's fun to look back and try to remember anything that might be worth recording! Let me know if you did anything exciting this week in the comments. I shall be back next weekend with another summary, I hope to God I have my inspection by then so that I will be able to properly enjoy my birthday weekend woop woop!

Love Always,

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Anna said...

I LOVEEEEEE your hair colour now, I did really like it before too actually :) hehe! I turned 22 this week, but you know that already :P



Hanily said...

Love your hair x it really suits you x I'm thinking of dying my hair ombre 'cuz im a bit bored of my brown so I will tell you how that goes :) Good luck with your first years! They sound a handful x and good luck with your inspection too don't stress too much about it <3 i hope whatever upset you at the start of the week will get better x and if not I'm sending you all my love x

Hanily x

Anais D said...

Loved how your hair turned out! And it's great to heard that you could catch up with some old friends ... giving it a second thought, I should do it too :)

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