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19 Jan 2014

Saturday Summary #2

Hey Friends!
No I am not gone cray cray I know today is Sunday not Saturday and I was going to call this post 'Sunday Summary' but last weeks was called 'Saturday Summary #1' and the whole number issue just annoyed me because I am slightly OCD so I am calling this 'Saturday Summary #2' either way, it's the same thing! YEAH! So it's Saturday on my blog.

I was not in the mood to write a blog post yesterday. It was just one of those horrible days where you have no energy to do anything and all you want is some junk food to comfort-eat your life away. But in general the week was pretty good and I thought it would be a shame not to record it just because the day I was meant to record it wasn't so great.
 So here's my week in summary - 
  • Have still been pretty exhausted this week, had a nap pretty much everyday, which sucks! I want to be energetic and motivated and able to get work done without needing a sleep in the afternoon. Heeelp!
  • Eating wise, I haven't exactly found that super healthy lunch that I was looking for last week. I went to the shop during my break on Monday and there was no ready made salads which I was looking for so I got a wrap with some chicken, peppers, salsa and other stuff (it was yummy) but probably not the healthy thing I was looking for!
  • I have been enjoying teaching practice for the most part, I really enjoy chatting with everyone in the staffroom and when we spotted a mouse everyone's reactions was pretty hysterical. In the classroom though I've been feeling a bit 'eeeh what do I do' when it comes to discipline which concerns me because my inspector will probably notice that my classroom management isn't so great when she comes to visit. I did give detention on Friday though which made me feel a bit better (that probably sounds mean but many of them have deserved it before and I was always kind of scared or reluctant to punish them, I have no idea why, so I am proud that I plucked up the courage) 
  • I went to help with the school musical 'Oliver' on Thursday and Friday night. I was doing their make-up and selling raffle tickets at the interval. It was so much fun. The show was fantastic and the turn-out was unbelievable! I was well-impressed.
  • Booked a hair appointment for next Saturday to get a cut and colour, cannot wait because my roots are HORENDOUS! I'm going back to my original colour which is a very dark brown. My hair has been a light brown / blonde ombre for so long that I'm super excited to see how it turns out.
  • Started thinking about making plans for my 21st birthday which is February 2nd, slightly freaking out because it's only two weeks away and I have no idea what I'm going to do for it!
That's pretty much all that happened this week that's note-worthy! Quite an average week overall! Do you guys have any tips for staying energised and not wanting to nap as soon as I get home? 
How was your week? Do anything exciting?

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Anonymous said...

I'm sure that confidence will come with time in the classroom. Please post photos of your new hair color! I'd love to see them.

Madeline | Ring-a-Round a Rosey | Bloglovin’

Natasha Mary said...

I'm glad that this week has been over all good for you! :)

Do something for your birthday what you think will be relaxing and will be fun for you. Don't think about anyone else! When it's my birthday I usually just go for a meal because I'm not a big party girl.

Mary Faerie

laura Syme said...

We have the same birthday! :) don't worry I have no idea what I'm doing either. Maybe a nice meal? http://louloubella92.blogspot.co.uk


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