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11 Jan 2014

Saturday Summary #1

Hey everyone, how are you all doing? I thought I would try and start a new series called 'Saturday Summary' where I would, as the name suggests, summarise my week! I literally just thought of this now on a Saturday night so hopefully the following weeks I will have more pictures to share. I took, like, no pictures this week! Anyways, I will just fill you in on how my week was. 

  • The picture shows a flood down the road from my house. It was caused by crazy rain and storms the previous weeks but this week it has retracted in from the road, thank God! I wasn't enjoying having to take a de-tour.
  • Went back to teaching practice this week. Was a bit sad to see the end of Christmas, but I was being very lazy and felt pretty useless so it is good to be back. I was in Uni before Christmas and hadn't been in school since the beginning of November so I was a bit nervous to go back to my classes but it already feels like I have never left.
  • Starting at 9 am every single day really took it out of me! I am in no way used to that. I had to have a nap every day this week and I've just felt exhausted and a bit rubbish. I'm really hoping that next week I have more energy and motivation.
  • I've been trying to eat healthier lunches this week. I am SO sick of sandwiches. It hasn't really gone very well, next week I think I'm going to go shopping and pick up some healthy bits. Any suggestions for a healthy, yummy and energising lunch?
  • I have been really enjoying being back with my three friends who are doing the same course and are on teaching practice with me. We have some good and fun chats in the staffroom everyday and it feels lovely because we are all there to support each other. 
  • I am missing my other college friends though who are on teaching practice all over the country and are pretty far away, we message each other all the time though. I am just really thankful that I have 11 great friends who are all going through exactly what I'm going through, we can share stories and experiences and it just makes the whole teaching thing a little less lonely. 
  • One thing that really made me smile this week were my nieces and nephew. One of my nieces came for a sleepover on Friday night and I had a good chuckle when she called a permanent marker a 'pregnant marker' hehe. My 18 month old Nephew was here today and I spent a good half hour dancing to Katy Perry with him.  
So there's my week! I feel like I've just been exhausted for most of it. I hope next week I have more energy. Do any of you have tips on building up energy and not always being tired?

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Anais D said...

I not a morning person too but don't worry because after a few days it just become part of your routine! As for healthy suggestions you can always go for veggies and loads of water!

From Making Things Alive

Grace said...

I love this idea! Looking forward to reading more in the future. Good luck with the floods! I like to make a nice chicken breast salad for a healthy lunch. Super easy, I just do chicken, lettuce, red onion, tomato and a liiiittle bit of dressing. Yummy! And sometimes I'll roast some sweet potato and add that in with some brazil nuts, delicious!
P.s. I'm so jealous that you live in Ireland. x

Hanily said...

OMG! THIS IS AN AMAZING IDEA!!! It's really nice to read what you get up to in the week. Eating more iron than usual always helps us feel better and more awake so maybe if you want a nice healthy lunch full of iron opt for a mackerel salad with couscous and yummy things like that. Maybe if you are bored of sandwiches have a chicken and roasted vegetable tortilla wrap with veg such as courgette, pepper and mushrooms. You could also have a Jacket potato with low fat cottage cheese or baked beans. This is high in starch and so will give you energy without you putting on too much weight. Another idea is soup in a thermos flask that you could easily take to work with you. If you, like us, get hungry between meals then you may want to have a cereal bar or a lovely fruit smoothie. You could also nip down to your local pharmacy or boots because they may sell low calorie chocolate or milkshakes if you have a sweeter tooth. Hanily x

We're thinking of putting up a blog post about this tomorrow so if you would like some more ideas have a quick look. It will be in food diary form giving a week's worth of food with low calories.

Laura Brown said...

I feel you pain regarding starting at 9am everyday! It is not easy, but I am hoping it gets easier once it is routine!

I'm a fan of sandwiches most of the time, but I often just have a piece of fruit when I get peckish :)

Love the blog xx

Kelly Louise said...

I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Follow the link to accept and answer your 11 questions :)


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