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4 Nov 2013

Sweet Movember

Hey Guys!
It's the beginning of November and that means one thing - 'Movember'! When loads of men ditch their razors for an entire month allowing mother nature to work it's magic. I think it is such a great idea to raise money for charity. A few guys in my local area did it last year to raise money for a little girl to get an operation. 
So in the spirit of all that I have been thinking about how attractive facial hair can be. I personally think I prefer the clean-cut man but a change up every once in a while is very interesting and refreshing. Some men look so god damn good with facial hair though and it can be VERY VERY attractive, hmm so edgy and manly, just what a woman wants!  and I think a little stubble is very nice when cuddling or kissing. haha. Oh now I'm starting to question if I actually prefer it to a clean face!

I was on 'we heart it' and looking up various celebrities with facial hair and I found so many attractive guys butthese are the ones that made the cut. 
I put Hugh Jackman as the main photo because I think he is so mansculine and gorgeous and just a proper MAN, not a boy. I'm sure he has no trouble growing a beard!
Anyways, I digress.

Here are the rest of my favourite hairy men ;)

Adam Levine

I have a huge crush on this, the lead singer of Maroon 5 with or without a beard. Just look at those eyes and that hair, don't even get me started on his tattoos and his body ;)

Jude Law

I think I fell in love with Jude Law in 'The Holiday' and he clearly can definitely pull off the rough around the edges look. Beaut.

Stuart Townsend

Stuart is an Irish actor (keeping it local) and I haven't heard much fuss about how attractive he is. Is it just me or is he gorgeous? Brown eyes *drool*

Dan Ewing

If you don't watch 'Home and Away' you might not know this beautiful creature. In which case, I pity you. Playing Heath Braxton he rarely has any facial hair, but I fancy him so much I just had to hunt down a picture of him with stubble (which he rocks btw) to include him in my list. My baby :)

James Franco

I bloody love James Franco. He is up there in my top 3 for sure. Those dark brown eyes and that cheeky smile. What's not to love? And I want to kiss that moustache lip ;)

So they are my favourite sexy bearded men. I am fully aware that this post is extremely pervy and I sound like a little hormanal teenager. Haha. I apologise for that. But surely we can swoon over these men together? ;) are there any other men you would add to this list? I can thin of plenty more.

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Anonymous said...

I love a man with facial hair. I appreciate a manly man; they just look like they'll protect you from all evil. My favorites are Lance Gross, Shemar Moore and Chad Ochocinco - love -

Chlo ODonnell said...

Absolutely loved this! James Franco, Jude Law and Adam Levine - I would give their little stubble and beards a little stroke all day every day! We all have a little bit of teenage girl still left in us, so don't fear the excitement. Viva la facial hair!

<3 Chlo | www.chloodonnell.co.uk


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