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28 Oct 2013

The 'L' Word

Hmm....The L Word (Love for all you bimbos out there)

what does love really mean? And is it real or just a trick by nature to get us to reproduce. 

         Seriously...If you take a couple you knew, who are broken up now, and who were going out for ages, i'm sure you heard the girl gushing over excitedly about how exactly three months, one week, five days, twenty-two hours and eighteen minutes into the relationship he came out with "I love you", and the guy getting slagged cheerfully by his mates about being "whipped". Think of them holding hands, seeing every movie in the cinema twice because they go on dates so often, and her squeeling over the Birthday/Christmas gift that was bestowed upon her by her "One & Only".

          Well think of that, and look at them now? Are they still friends? If it's a fresh break up I doubt it, and if they slept with each other then they probably cant even glance at each other without turning an unpleasent shade of aubergine, and if there was cheating/scandle then i'm sure there's at least a 10 kilometre gap between them at all times. And all this from the two people who at one point was so sickeningly sweet you vomited candy canes after an hour in the same room with them. Am I making my point.? If love is the most powerful emotion, and love 'conquers all' then how can couples like them go from one extreme to the other after typically, one conversation. How do they forget so easily and move on so quickly.

 I am a strong believer that if you truly loved someone, part of you always will.

What do you think about 'love'?

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Anna said...
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Anna said...

Am I right in thinking this post is aimed/about someone?
I agree with you, if you love someone part of you probably always will..I do also think a lot of us throw love around (so to speak) when we are young because we mistake love for lust? xxx

Chlo ODonnell said...

I know for sure, that I've been in love twice. And I really think that if anything went wrong with my boyfriend now, I would find it so hard to fall in love again. Yeah, I know, I'm only 20... love twice? How could I be so lucky? :P Due to my last relationship, under the circumstances I find it hard to still have that little place in my heart for him, because so much had changed. I can understand why some people would feel the 'Once loved, never lost' feeling towards a very serious ex, but I guess that's just me to be opposite. To move on and be able to give yourself completely to someone else, I feel like you have to abolish that love of the memory. xxx

Anonymous said...

I've never been in love, so I don't have the authority to have an opinion about it. I always find it incredibly interesting to hear what others believe though, and I completely understand what you're saying.


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