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26 Oct 2013

Happy Friend-iversary

Olivia, this is the first time I'm dedicating a whole blog post to one person so you better feel special :) 

In October 2009, I met this lovely girl Olivia from New Zealand. At the time, we were both 16 and in secondary school. I'm not going to go into the details of our friendship because I'm not writing this to tell you all about it, I am just writing this to thank her. 
We instantly hit it off, I don't ever remember us being awkward or holding back what we say to each other like people usually do when they meet first. 
From day one she has been there for me to talk to about absolutely anything. She has been there through all the ups and downs, we have watched each other finish school, move to university, go through boyfriends, and other friendships.Essentially we have watched each other grow up. 
Throughout these past four years there has been other people who I have felt just as close to as her, but they have all come and gone, she is the only friend who has been constant. She is the only friend I have now who I can look to ten years in the future and be certain that she will still be there, by my side no matter what. 
Thanks for being there for me these last few years, and I hope you feel like I was always there for you. Thanks to you, I always have someone to share every amazing moment with. And when I'm feeling sad or upset, because of you, I never ever feel alone.


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