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27 Oct 2013

Bedroom Inspiration

I have always been really creative and have loved art but in the last few years I have found the sector of creativity I am really interested in. 
Deep down I am really an interior designer. It would be my dream job. I have spent hours creating and decorating rooms on mydeco.com and browsing ideas on sites like pinterest and weheartit. 
Honestly, looking at pretty decor and architecture pleases me more than anything else :P
 It is like creative porn to me haha. 
I hope I'm lucky enough to one day get a house of my own (hopefully with a husband!) and I'm rich enough to decorate every room to the my utmost taste hehe. 
I think decorating my own rooms would be the funnest thing ever and a way to let out so much creativity and ideas. I honestly look forward to decorating my house more than for example, planning my wedding. 
Right now, I don't have the time or money to do anything too nice with my room. But these pictures give a glimpse to the type of room I would LOVE. Bright, white, floral, colourful, and slightly vintage.
 What do you think? What would your dream room be?


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Teodora Fediuc said...

omg! this is soooo freaking cute and girly! Love it. xoxo Tammy

BKCsquared said...

I feel like I'm the same way!! I love decor shots and feel happier when my room is nice and orderly :) I just got the lamp in the middle right pic, and it's amazing!! I've always wanted one and finally snagged one (at IKEA in case you're looking!) Thanks for the follow on Twitter...we followed you back! Hop on over to the blog and follow on GFC if you like what you see!

xo, K


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