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23 Sep 2013

The Autumn Tag


Hey Everyone!
Recently I have been kindly tagged by the gorgeous Tasmin from RazMaTaz-Girl to do 'The Autumn Tag' and you know me, I do like the old tag and I also love autumn and since I did the 'I heart Summer tag' it only makes sense for me to embrace this season and do this one too :) 
So here it goes!...

Favourite thing about it?
Where do I start? I love the nice crisp chill, flushed rosy cheeks, walking along crunching leaves, warm jumpers and hot drinks in by the fire. I love getting to wear scarves and gloves. Halloween, bonfires, cinnamon, apple picking, I could go on.

Favourite drink?
Hot chocolate from Starbucks with an unhealthy amount of cream on top!

Favourite scent/candle?
Yankee candles Vanilla chai smells scrummy and sums up autumn in a scent. Favourite body spray that I'm using this Autumn is the Soap and Glory body spray - it smells sooo delicious! SNIFF IT!

Best Lipstick?
Don't usually keep up with seasonal trends I just use whatever lipstick I like, lately I'm wearing Mac viva glam Nikki non-stop!
Go to moisturiser?
Nivea soft does the job just fine :)

Go to colours for the eyes?
Burgandy or purple smoky eyes are perfect for autumn! Really need to invest in some good eye-shadows of these colours though.

Favourite music singer/band to listen to?
Not exactly a seasonal thing? I will listen to anything that's good :P 

Favourite outfit to wear?
Cosy oversized knits are one of my favourite things about autumn, paired with ankle boots and a pretty scarf - love it!

Autumn treat?
Lots and lots of chocolate, nuts and sweeties at Halloween :)

Favourite place to be?
At home in my trakies by the fire watching good tv!

I tag?
I tag all of you, my lovely friendies to do this tag :) and if you do, let me know so I can have a look!

Love You's

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Michaela Higgins said...

Wonderful post Sinead... sure I'm the same with the whole sitting at home next to the fire. I may in fact take you up on doing this tag post :) It's lovely of you to 'tag' everyone (heehee in a way) it's nice to invite all of your blogging friends :)
Michaela Maria xxx


Nicole Davenport said...

Nice post :) I gave this tag a go to so thanks for tagging everyone! :)

Anna said...

how have I not come across this yet?! :(
Anna :)

Ookaze said...

Thanks for tagging everyone, I'd love to do this :D

If you're looking for a really good palette with autumnal colours, I absolutely adore Sleek's Storm palette, the colours are just amazing!




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