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27 Sep 2013

My Teaching Journey | Week 4

Hey Everyone!
Time for another weekly update.
This week has been the busiest by far! I know I say this every week but honestly I have had the most work this week and the most fun this week, so it was all very tiring! 
On the more boring side, I had a 1500 word essay due this week about my educational background and my thoughts on teacher and learning. It wasn't so bad, I got through it :P
 Also we had another session of micro teaching this week so most of the time was spent coming up with a lesson plan and rehearsing it. 
The micro-teaching went pretty well, despite the class barely speaking or interacting, but hey they were shy little first years. We have all improved on our teaching from last time so onwards and upwards! 

Now on to the more fun part of my week.
I got to go out twice this week which was fun fun fun!
On Monday I went out with some old friends from college who were back in Galway, Kelley, Jade and Stephen. It was shockingly my first proper night out with them so I was really looking forward to it. It was quite a classy night as we chilled and sipped cocktails. 
 We then went clubbing, danced a lot, and ran to our taxi in the rain. 

I also went out on Wednesday night with my group which was aaahhh, lets just say the 'classiness'  of the previous night was definitely a thing of the past! We had some pre-drinks in one of the boys house and that was enough for me because I have 'too much' when I haven't had much at all if you get my drift. I wasn't too drunk though, let me clear that up, drinking and being drunk is NOT cool (I feel like the teacher/professional in me has to state that! #drinkaware. I was just very very happy and excited and hugging everyone, before we even went into the club, which was a bit embarrassing when I had to see them in the library the next day. But hey that's life, it's all good :P

Between so much work and late nights I am officially wrecked after this week. I am so glad that I have the entire weekend to do nothing and just chill. So I'm going to sign off and watch some Corrie :)


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Anna said...

Sounds like everything is going really well. I'm really enjoying reading your progress & you are nicely taking us along for the journey :)
I really admire you for training & wanting to be a teacher :)
Anna :)

Vanessa said...

Wonderful post...I like your blog.^^
Maybe follow each other on bloglovin?
Let me know follow you then back.
Lovely greets Nessa

Grace Christine said...

I love hearing about your weeks Sinead!! I am so happy that you are having a great time!

xx abitgraceful.blogspot,com


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