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21 Sep 2013

My Teaching Journey | Week 3

Hello again everyone!
So week 3 of my road to 'teacher-hood' has come to an end and it was another craaazy, busy week!
Here are the highlights of my week -

  • Went back to my old school to get my teaching time table and found out that I will be working with my old English teacher Mr.Rushe, feels like yesterday I was his student and now I will be taking some of his classes and working with him! crazy! turns out he is unbelievably lovely and I'm very glad he is my coordinating teacher for English, I think I will learn a lot from him as he is an excellent teacher.
  • Started tutorials and my tutor is a bit looney and looks just like the actor who plays Father Jack (not the character now, thankfully!) so yeah, don't know how I feel about his weird personality.
  • Spent far too much time in the college bar (not drinking) when we should have been preparing our presentation for Saturday.
  • We are now calling the members of our group B-tards derived from our group number 7B. I have been given the nickname Shinners.....thanks guys! -.-
  • I have aquired a taste for coffee this week, any coffee recommendations? 
  • Had a 9 am start 4 days in a row, I am so not used to that, and going out one night didn't help either...ready to drop right now.
  • Went to my primary school to meet the principle to arrange observation (after waiting two weeks for the meeting), I'm so annoyed because she is making far too much of a big deal about it and can't take me for the next two weeks ALL I HAVE TO DO IS SIT IN THE BACK  OF THE CLASSROOM!!!! and now my friend told me that we have to have it done in the next two weeks...sigh, fml.
  • Meanwhile, on Friday, I did several hours of observation in my secondary school. I had to mingle with my old teachers in the staffroom which was interesting to say the least! Witnessed some good and some shitty/boring teaching in the classes I observed, and got several looks from curious students who were wondering who the hell I was sitting down the back with a notebook.
  • Had college on Saturday (today) at 9 am which I could barely pull myself out of bed for and probably wouldn't have went if I didn't have to be there for my group to do a presentation. Nevertheless, many a laugh was had, went for dinner with the girls after and went browsing for a graduation dress (I will be graduating from my undergrad degree) so the day was worth getting up for, but honestly, I'll probably hit the hay after I publish this!
And that was my week! 
Only 28 more weeks to go on my teaching journey :P

Thanks for Reading,

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! It sounds like such fun :)

Madeline | Ring-a-Round a Rosey | Bloglovin’

Anna said...

WOW, it really has been a busy week for you!
I hope your having a chilling day today though, that is what Sundays are for! :)
Anna :)


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